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Animated gamercard doesn't work properly


See my animated gamercard: https://card.exophase.com/2/0/27758.png (it should also be in my forum sig).
It doesn't generate a proper file when I have all 11 of my gaming platforms (PSN, XBOX, STEAM, ORGIN, BLIZZARD, RETRO, ANDROID, GOG, UPLAY, STADIA, EPIC) selected, it seems to be missing a style declaration in the file source code.
When I de-select just any one platform, it works again, so it looks like there might be an upper limit of 10 platforms?
Keep up the good work! :)


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It's fixed now. Sorry about that, yeah forgot to raise the limit after adding Nintendo as a trackable platform.


No need to apologize. A pretty small issue that probably only hit me, and you fixed it immediately anyway, so you get credit for that. Thanks. :)👍