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Do you see your avatar on the Tab?

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  1. TVippy

    TVippy Member

    I have a B.NET account (got couple of games on there), but overall pretty much unfamiliar with their whole system.

    Just noticed that my B.NET tab on ExoPhase doesn't have an avatar, started googling on how to change the B.NET avatar and found out that they've ONLY JUST (few days ago!) started letting users pick from a number of predetermined avatars (not even letting uploading your own!).

    Is that true?! If so, it's so freaking laughable in this day and age. Even more so, you can only do it from their desktop app, as far as I understood.

    Did I misunderstand something? As is stands now, the only way to see some avatar on the B.NET tab on ExoPhase is to log in to the B.NET desktop app and set an avatar there?
  2. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Actually, I wasn't aware they added an account wide avatar now. Doesn't look like we can access it through the API they provide though. The Blizzard APIs are rather inconsistent in regards to what data is exposed.

    Also it is normal that your avatar doesn't show for here currently. The plan was to have it pull from your SC2/WoW profile but I'll see if I can find a way to grab the new one that's set in the desktop app.

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