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Droid Blade Crafter 2 [Google Play] - Achievements are buggy?


I have doubts about this game, I recently opened the Blade Crafter account (the first one), and was making his 3 achievements, I am now with 2/3 but so far so good, as several have already made their 100%. But then I wanted to open the Blade Crafter 2 to leave the 2 100% in a row, but then I noticed that the achievement of passing the 100 stage fell but the 200 did not fall (I am in the 250 stage), so I went to the exophase profile of the game and I saw that 25 people have this game open, and everyone just got the achievement to pass stage 100 and no more. Soon I imagine that none falls (besides the one that fell for everyone), and as their achievements are secret, there is no way to see the percentage of other achievements directly from Google Play.