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achievements bug

  1. asanaparada

    Droid monopoly go!

    Does Anyone know how to get this achievement? It only says "thank you for joining us" - i'm at level 536 on map 16 -Mônaco, and it didn't pop-Up...
  2. S

    Paper Wings Achievements

    Hi everyone! I've known this game for years, and I absolutely love it. However, there's this one achievement, Kamikaze, that's almost impossible to get, I got a tip to use a bird that accelerates (the falcon) and it worked! But I'm wondering if any of you have any tips on how to do it without...
  3. Madame Phoenica

    No achievements unlocked in Call Of The Sea on Epic Games?

    I claimed Call Of The Sea when it was free on Epic Games and I've completed it at least twice. Having read the descriptions of the listed achievements on Epic Games, I should have at least some of those achievements. Yet it tells me that my achievement progress is 0%, 0/34 Achievements, and...
  4. C

    Droid Can't get the "Gravity Home" achievement in King Tongue

    I can't get the Gravity Home achievement in the game and I don't know what to do. It says that I have to play with the home screen but I do that and nothing happens. What should I do? It's the only achievement that I don't have in the game.
  5. Konsterter

    Bug with stats

    Here is what I see in my profile. I have all achievements, but system think that I have only 7/9 achievements.
  6. TheAndromedaCat

    PC Far Cry 4 on Ubisoft Connect/Uplay has achievements but they don't show up on Exophase

  7. TiagoDapper

    Droid Blade Crafter 2 [Google Play] - Achievements are buggy?

    I have doubts about this game, I recently opened the Blade Crafter account (the first one), and was making his 3 achievements, I am now with 2/3 but so far so good, as several have already made their 100%. But then I wanted to open the Blade Crafter 2 to leave the 2 100% in a row, but then I...
  8. TiagoDapper

    Extra achievements in the exophase profile (achievements that do not exist)

    On my exophase profile it is said that I have 2,920 achievements, but this is wrong because I have 2,892 (this according to Google Play Games itself), I am bothered by this difference, because I want to try to reach the World Ranking, and this difference gets in the way, because it can convey...
  9. Zoelda

    Dream Daddy 100%?

    I've gotten every achievement except 'Escape the Margarita Zone', and every site I've been on tells me it's bugged. However, I've seen that some people on here have unlocked it - can anyone help me? Thanks
  10. brunohenriquesteam

    Why are my achievements all at the same time?

    Why are my achievements all at the same time? It took a long time to unlock a game. Only one thing missing ... But I went to see that they are all unlocked in one day and at the same time ... I have two full games and it's normal the day of unlock and time, but only one game has a bug, I have...