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Can't Add Oculus Games?


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I've started to add games from non-trackable platforms to my profile, and noticed that while Oculus can be selected, no games seem to exist. No matter what you type, it doesn't find any games. I think there's some sort of bug involved, or perhaps it's because Oculus was replaced with Meta?


As a test I tried to add an Oculus game, pressed "A" for it's name, and it immediately found "Asgard's Wrath" just fine. Then I noticed that is the only game it finds, whenever I enter any of the letters that make up its name. Nothing for "0" to "9" either.
I understand Exophase uses Giant Bomb's game library https://www.giantbomb.com/games/ , and I don't see Oculus as a platform there, but I do see Meta Quest, so you might be onto something.
Looking up aforementioned game, it only lists "PC" as a platform. https://www.giantbomb.com/asgards-wrath/3030-75661/


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Oh, seems like you can find most Oculus games under "PC" anyway. I only tried the last game I played, Polygon Nightmare, and wasn't able to find that under either Oculus or PC but maybe that is simply a little too obscure

EDIT: Spoke a little too soon. I was able to add some games, but a lot of them don't exist in the database, I'd say more than half of them
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