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Does Sony ban systems with CFW?


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I've avoided modding my PS3 because I don't want to risk a PSN ban.

Yet I've been using PSN for years with my PSP which has CFW... should I be worried about that? Are the security measures just very different for the two systems?


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I haven't been keeping up but last I heard was, it's detectable and they can ban you but again I haven't heard of anyone getting banned.

But I haven't been keeping up with the scene.


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Right now PSN is not useable on PS3 CFW. A few months ago (when PSN was possible) there were some emails sent out to some CFW users by Sony demanding to change their ways, or else. A few of those people got banned, but the sample was so small it was never clear if those users were abusing anything else (Call of Duty mods, ect).

I have one of my PS3s with CFW connected online but it can only download game updates. I can't sign into PSN with it(because you need the latest update), but xlink Kai will still work if you're desperate to play online.