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Epic Games Store Will Get Achievements...


If anyone is paying attention Epic is going right after Steam and grabbing a ton of games while offering amazing profits to devs.

So they have their own launcher and are opening it up to third party... That got me wondering if it will have achievements and that lead me to a Newsweek article from this week and to quote them..

"Smaller details for the Epic Games Store include an Achievements system, which is currently in development, but will not be available at launch. "

Link to article..

So just info.. lets keep an eye on it.


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Enforcer Team
Nice :) I will keep an eye on it.


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^ That is what I hate the most in PC gaming. Only thing which I regret moving from PS4 to PC for achievements/trophies is multiplatform. Thankfully we have this website to get everything in one place !

Still nothing though on EpicGames. I bought Division 2 on Uplay just for that, hopefully they add that before Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit release.