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Hatred Review (Steam) !


Hello I played Hatred recently with all the achievements ! I let you my review of it


The story is about a guy named "Not Important" with a lot of misantropic ideas , One day he decide to "Complete his mission" which is killing everything that move.


->The graphics are unique and the argument of the story is too !
->The levels are not linear , it is like a small open world which is pretty cool to do more strategies
->The game violence and graphic content are awesome
->The game is hard to learn but very pleasent when you know how to play correctly
->The game is short but the achievements and dificulties make it worth it
->The Outro is Awesome.


->The AI are dumbs , easy to kill and even bugged
->The missions are always the same objective , so it's like doing the same things 7 times
->The camera sometimes and the controls are a big problem
->The Sound Design is always the same


The achievements were mostly all fun , Dificulties related trophies , some specific actions trophies , and the others part were a lot of grindings ( Like the survival achievements ) and the worst of all , Play the game 50 hours !!! Woaw.

The Insane Dificulty achievements were really really hard , but the satisfaction to overcome the challenge was worth the try.


The badges cost me like 2.50$ for the normal ones and the foil badge cost like 4.20$ , pretty cheap

Overall :

It's a 5$ game , give it a try , do the achievements , Enjoy the game !


That game was somethig else, not a bad game but it was kinda meh compared to others isometric shooters out there. The destruction physics were good, though. The same studio made a really nice strategy game later on called Ancestors legacy.
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