Here's how we're dealing with trophy / achievement cheaters

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by x3sphere, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

    Hey man, thanks for your offer to help bust cheaters! The best way you can help is to go to a cheater's profile and click "Report", then give proof (with links) that he cheated. That report will go straight to an enforcer like me, who can ban the person if they are cheating.

    That being said, I will look into the game you mentioned.
  2. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

    Also, I can't seem to find the game you mentioned. Link me?
  3. mauszx

    mauszx New Member

    I didn't know it was possible to cheat on trophies/achievements other than asking for help, which in many cases is not cheating, since servers are sometimes bad.
  4. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

    It is possible on all platforms. Please report if you see a suspicious user.
  5. supadryz

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  6. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    Unfortunately trophies born cheaters, Guys(usually younger in age)who think that is "nice" to cheat and obtain trophies while other people trying legit and spend hours of gaming to complete their games as much as they can, I reported a lot in two other sites and especially i can catch them in games likes Silent Hill 2(some of them beat the 3rd boss first and the 2nd after :p)and a lot of other things,And in new games like The Evil Within while someone unlocking all trophies within 3 minutes...For me to cheat on something that u love is pathetic and these people are cheap.
  7. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

    Please feel free to report, along with the reason and specific games that were cheated. We will take care of it. :)
  8. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

  9. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

  10. supadryz

    supadryz New Member

    Secret Code
    Unlock the Ninth Passenger

    There is no way to input the secret code to unlock the ninth passenger on this phone game, it has never been fixed or patched.
  11. stingygamer

    stingygamer New Member

    Thanks, they are under suspicion now. I will investigate them further later on.
  12. Gummydrop

    Gummydrop New Member

    Did something happen to the Steam leaderboards? I seem to remember it saying like 1000+ cheaters removed now it's down to 147 and I went from about rank 25 to 74
  13. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Yes, we had an issue with a user that was appointed as an enforcer here. He was responsible for most of the bans on the Steam side but could not be trusted anymore so I reversed most of his bans.

    That said, I don't believe all of the bans were made in error or a malicious doing on his part so some may be restored once I have time to look over them.
  14. Silvern Tiger

    Silvern Tiger New Member

    Some of the games now have over 90% cheaters at 100% :eek:
  15. Sawyer8990

    Sawyer8990 New Member

    Sly Cooper: Thives in Time and Motorstorm RC should be in the white list as well as Sound Shapes, they are all cross save/trophies
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  16. Sashamorning

    Sashamorning New Member

    Oh, I do love registering for a new site and jumping straight in to cause trouble. ;-)

    EndWar on the 360 is impossible to complete. Dog of War was never properly fixed, even though 153 users on here apparently have it.

    The PS3 had a workaround, but I spend 3 months with a devoted group earning that, and essentially proved it isn't possible. So rather than click on 153 different users, I thought I'd pop over and flag them en masse.

    Cheers! :)

    PS. If there's a better place to have posted this, I'm too new here to know. Sorry.
  17. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Thanks for the info, I've taken care of it. Also marked the achievement as not attainable so anyone that shows up as earning it will be automatically removed from the leaderboards.
  18. RedElmDragon

    RedElmDragon New Member

    It's disappointing to do the work to challenge yourself, hoping to connect with those who've found neat tricks or tips and hints to get one through a little faster next time, only to find out - they're just cheaters. :S

    Thanks for keeping things proactively as honest as you can - it restores meaning and value to personal efforts, as well as respect to the site and games and efforts of developers and players everywhere. Much appreciated.
  19. DerFritz11

    DerFritz11 New Member

    just went through the top 50 page on the steam leaderboard and half of them are cheaters o_O went to the profile on almost all of them and saw a bunch of achievements unlocked at the same time and games completed way too fast (like cs:go in 17 hours)

    EDIT:just went over all the profiles again and reported the ones that were obviously hacking with links and proof hoping they get removed from the leaderboards as trophie & achievement hacking is a big No IMO
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  20. kachan64

    kachan64 New Member

    I like to play my games properly and pad myself on the back when I get a achievement, don't like to cheat personally. If I ever think about it, I would have an offline account and have fun all I want.
    But is pretty sad people choose to do this. What is the point of risking getting banned from Sony or Microsoft?
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