Here's how we're dealing with trophy / achievement cheaters

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  1. theBlackDragon

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    Another game where 100% is currently impossible is Warframe, there are achievements for attaining specific "Mastery ranks" in the game of which there are 30 planned, however the maximum attainable rank in the game is currently 22 ("Dragon"), so anyone having the achievements for rank 23 and up has cheated.

    For a more in depth explanation (and to verify my claims) you can check the Warframe wiki page about Mastery, of particular interest is the table that's labelled "Total Mastery".

    The TL;DR is that the Mastery rank is calculated based on the amount of gear you have levelled and there simply isn't enough gear in the game to make it past rank 22. The reason there's two numbers in the table is because some items are no longer available (either temporarily or forever), thus a new player starting now can, currently, reach mastery rank 20 at most (Silver Tiger), while veterans could be as high as Mastery Rank 22 (Dragon).

    Clearly the available ranks will go up as more gear gets released, but anyone who *right now* has any of the following achievements is a guaranteed cheater:
    • Silver Dragon
    • Gold Dragon
    • Sage
    • Silver Sage
    • Gold Sage
    • Master
    • Middle Master
    • Grand Master
    Note that this goes for all versions of the game (PC, Xbox and PS), PC is usually sightly ahead in patches so there could be a slight difference during a few weeks but in this case I'd argue it doesn't really matter as cheaters tend to cheat all the way...
  2. MattyHustedUk

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    I would imagine this will get fixed over months rather than weeks
  3. BigNutter

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    Possible False Positives for two Free to Play games on Steam:
    * Clicker heroes - Added several Achievements the Steam Database today (24th June), and many people most likely will have gained them naturally prior to addition. I suspect my own account could trigger the cheat detection as I've gotten 25 of the new Achievements at the same time. However I do know You can easily abuse someone elses save file to cheat to obtain most of the Achievements.
    * Time Clickers - Has a Mobile port that Share Save files similar to PS Cross save system, which will pop Achievements on the system as soon as the save file has loaded.
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    Not exactly sure if this is the place to post this or not, but since it's sorta related to cheating; I figured this was applicable.

    I've been playing a fair deal of Forza 6 again, now that I have a new Xbox One. While racing the Porsche DLC, I somehow unlocked the Championship Legend achievement (Complete All Series) from the main game even though I'm on Series 13 of 15 in the main game. I finished the Porsche DLC and two of the Chapters that have achievements attached to them (Benchmark & The Latest and Greatest) didn't unlock even though the later chapters did.

    I don't know why my system has done this. I don't know if it was an issue with my extremely terrible internet connection or if the system got confused when I moved data to my new system. I just wanted to explain that if anyone checked the data and were curious, I honestly don't know what happened.
  5. x3sphere

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    That is odd, although I wouldn't worry about it - we won't remove anyone from the leaderboards for glitches like that. Anyway thanks for the heads up :)
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    How do you hide or delete your achievements on Steam? I cheated on games like skyrim with the ingame-console and couldn't find a way to reset the achievements.
  7. NocturnalNL

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    Yes a lot of the new achievements were retro active and pop when you start the game.

    Officially? You can't. Steam applies the following rule "What has been seen cannot be unseen".
    Unofficially? You can disable/hide them with a 3rd party tool. Not going to mention the tool because I feel like every user of that tool needs to be banned from Steam, for whatever they might use it for :p
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    just a heads up shot in the dark steam has unobtainable achievement
    Pretty Decent, Pretty Godly, Backstab, Pretty Alright
    you can get the rest though
    i know because me and a friends spent a hour trying to get them and we gave up and the devs never fixed the game and they put the game on hold pretty much since 2 years ago
    if never fixed then broken since Dec 7, 2015 @ 12:37pm
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    More than half a year later and this has still not been fixed...
  10. x3sphere

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    Admittedly this got overlooked - sorry. All users that have earned the currently unobtainable achievements in Warframe have been banned now.
  11. GamingKen

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    So, this program we won't mention, it can remove achievements? I have a great need for something like this, after deleting over 100 games from Steam, and it leaving a huge mess in my achievement figures.
  12. NocturnalNL

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    More info about that subject here:
  13. GamingKen

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    Thanks for the link, NocturnalNL. It pretty much confirmed what I thought.
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    Use at own risk. :)

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