Installing the Time Machine (with DCv8)

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  1. Acerthief

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    Time Machine, is an application to load previous firmware from the memory stick with a Pandora Battery. Now with the latest version v0.1, you can load 1.5, 3.40OE, and 3.60M33, etc, onto your PSP. The entire installation takes up around 210~220MB of space, so 128MB sticks are not enough.​


    *A Memory Stick Pro Duo with at least 256MB of capacity (512MB/1GB Recommended)
    *A homebrew compatible PSP with at least 2.71SE (M33 Series Recommended)
    *A Pandora Battery

    Installation: Universal Unbricker/Pandora Battery

    **This step is optional. However, we still highly recommend you to do so.**
    1. Follow the guide HERE and install the Universal Unbricker.

    --Users Notice: Don't want the latest Universal Unbricker? Just install any Universal Unbricker that you want, then proceed with the guide.

    Installation: Time Machine

    1. Download the timemachine_0.1.rar. ​

    2. Open the archive, and copy the "TIMEMACHINE" folder into "X:/PSP/GAME". ​

    3. You're 150.PBP or 340.PBP should still be in the root of the memory stick after the DCv5 installation.
    -If not, download the 150.PBP, 340.PBP, and put them in the root of the memory stick (i.e. X:/150.PBP, X:/340.PBP)​

    4. Put the 360.PSAR in the root of the memory stick (X:/360.PSAR)
    (1) No 3.60 eboot are on the net as the slim was shipped directly with 3.60, so you'll have to google it, or dump it if you have 3.60M33(Directions below).
    (2) You can skip this step, and step [11] [12] if you only want 1.5 and 3.40OE.​

    5. This is what you should see in the XMB. Execute the program.

    6. After you are in you should see this:

    7. Choose "Install iplloader on PSP MS boot sector". After it's done press the X button to return to the menu.​

    8. Now Select "Convert Pandora/DC1-DC4 ipl into TM format". Again, press X to return.
    **If you don't have DCv5 installed, you may skip this step.​

    9. Press "Install 1.50" to install 1.5 onto the memory stick. Press X to return.​

    10. Press "Install 3.40OE" to install 3.40OE onto the memory stick. Press X to return.​

    *11. Press "Install 1.50 with 3.40 hw modules" if you have 360.PSAR in the root. Press X to Return.​

    *12. Press "Install 3.60M33" if you have 360.PSAR in the root. Press X to Return.

    [*] Again, you must have a copy of 360.PSAR in the root in order to use step 11 and 12. Otherwise, you may skip it.

    13. There you have it. DCv5 with Time Machine! See the usage below.​

    Dumping: 360.PSAR

    **You must have a PSP with 3.60M33. Otherwise don't use this part of the guide or look for the file on the web.​

    1. Open the timemachine_0.1.rar archive, and copy the "360DUMPER" folder to "X:/PSP/GAME".​

    2. Execute the program, and follow the instructions.​

    3. There you have it! 360.PSAR ready to be used. :D

    Usage: Time Machine

    Like DC, stick in the memory stick, then put the pandora battery in.
    But before you insert the battery, hold button relative to the firmware you want:​

    Default Buttons:
    - 1.50: cross (Phat)
    - 1.50+3.40hw: circle. (Phat/Slim)
    - 3.40 OE: triangle. (Phat)
    - 3.60 M33: square (Slim)
    - Pandora/DC1-4 ipl (converted to TM format): digital up
    - Anything else: will boot the firmware installed on flash.​

    (1) Do NOT attempt to run DevHook on TimeMachine. There is a known bug that can cause corruption to ID Storage, meaning you won't be able to restore your PSP without an ID Storage or NAND backup.​

    (2) If you happen to have TM installed and have updated your Universal Unbricker / Despertar del Cementerio, you will have to Convert Pandora ipl into TM format [Step 8] again.
  2. sasan50cent

    sasan50cent New Member

    Thanks , Great tutorial .
  3. z7shaft

    z7shaft New Member

    Hi, I'm z7shaft
    Just 5 minutes ago I decided to finally convert my 1gb Memory Stick and my PSP-1001 battery into pandora, then despertar del cementerio v3, then TIMEMACHINE, and I'm enjoying it!

    I have successfully installed 1.50 Firmware, 1.50 with 3.40 Hardware Modules,
    and 3.60 from PSAR.
    But I get this weird problem when installing 3.40 OE.
    Everything goes fine, then it freezes at visualizer_plugin.rco, and nothing else happens, after a while the psp shuts off itself...

    So, anyone knows why this happens?
    I have like 800 mb free in the MS, also everything was properly done since Despertar del cementerio v3 loads fine with DigitalUp, 1.50 loads fine with X, 1.50fw3.40hw loads fine with O, but 3.40 wont install...
  4. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    What firmware do you have on your PSP currently?
    and What brand of memory stick are you using? The size of the memory stick?

    Also, I'd recommend you to use DCv4, as it is the latest version of the pandora series, it's more stable.
  5. Coy

    Coy New Member

    nice guide. will this work with the new DCv5?


    it will work. but somewhat how in the new dcv5
  6. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    "but somewhat how in the new dcv5"
    Dont getcha boy.
  7. Coy

    Coy New Member

    ^ Sorry mate, just forget it I am sleepy at that time. I’ve already managed to install time machine in DCv5.
  8. phrix626

    phrix626 New Member

    You need to go into Recovery mode and set your homebrew folder kernel to 3.xx

    I had the same problem. for some reason 3.40 OE install doesn't work with 1.5 kernel
  9. chrizzyj

    chrizzyj ultra member

    Brilliant guide thanks allot.
  10. ichigo246

    ichigo246 New Member


    Will this time machine work for 3.90 m33-3
  11. ichigo246

    ichigo246 New Member

    Why do you need a pandora;s battery?
  12. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    If you convert your battery to Pandora it will still function as normal if TimeMachine is installed on your memory stick.

    Either way, it's required. Probably for loading the custom IPL.
  13. andrewwan1980

    andrewwan1980 New Member

    Ah, Time Machine is cool. Once we load 1.50, does the PSP stay 1.50 until we load another CFW?

    Is it possible to load 1.00?
  14. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    Nah, no 1.00, and 1.50 is better :D

    The firmware is loaded completely off the memory stick, so if you turned off the system completely, or took the memory stick out, the system will load back to the firmware in the internal flash memory.
  15. andrewwan1980

    andrewwan1980 New Member

    I know 1.50 is better than 1.00. But I really want to try bochs psp ( ). The author hasn't responded to my emails about problems & him releasing the sourcecode/diffs.

    He's made a release in 1.00 format. I tried using KXploit and got something converted. But it would not run on my 1.50 (when I had versions 3.40OE-A, 3.71M33-4, 3.90M33-3 all with 1.50 addons).

    Why don't you give KXploit & bochs psp a try and see if you get it running.
  16. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    1.00 format runs on OE/M33 firmwares. So if you want it to 1.00 eboots, then I'd recommend to load OE/M33 instead of 1.50. :D
  17. Ledski

    Ledski New Member

    Has anyone tried this on 4.01m33, I really dont wanna brick my PSP because itl take me a while to fix it.
  18. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    TimeMachine runs independent of the firmware installed, so it will work fine.
  19. bobmainn

    bobmainn New Member

    psp install time machine

    when i install time machine get error 80020148. on version 4.01 i want to update 4.01 m33-2
    so what be do now any one help me
  20. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

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