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Is it okay to play AC Odyssey before Origins ?


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For Story overall. I managed to keep all spoilers since AC2 away and never start neither one of the games except when I did benchmarks for previous games since Unity.

Now I see that Oddysey is about mythology, that is something what I loved since kid, and it's hard to play any other AC games before that :) Without spoilers if possible, I would appreciate if someone can elaborate do I miss anything from story if I play AC:O first ? I know that story is based somewhere before even first AC (if I'm not wrong, its hard when I'm avoiding spoilers).

Also I love RPG elements, grinding and looting and I see from some text-reviews that Oddysey have much more of those then Origins ?

Would appreciate feedback on this :D


I played Origins and Odyssey and I don't think that you will miss anything, if you're not playing Origins first. Especially if you are not too deep into the Abstergo-thing and just enjoy the main story... (to be honest I lost interest in the Abstergo-sidestory...)

And yes, Odyssey do have deeper RPG elements and in general the most content I've ever seen in an Assassins Creed-game (and I think I played almost all of them - in fact not with my current Xbox account - because I've changed some time ago...). Odyssey is so great I started all over again on the Uplay platform...