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Link PSN


New Member
I cannot link my PSN account. It is setted to public. It finds only 22 of my games, and the trophies I got from maybe 4 years ago. But when I try to verify using the "about me" thing, it does not work. Anyone knows what might be the problem?


New Member
I already changed the settings to public. Also my trophies are synchronized. I already checked both. One of the things that are also happening is that I tried to verify the account with the the "about me" code, and it keep saying it cannot be validated. Already double checked that also. Any ideas?


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Verifying the account has no impact on tracking, I reset the verification code though so you can try it again - it'll give you a new code when bringing up the prompt.

When I checked your profile before it looked like a different account was linked, as the other poster said it only showed 22 trophies on PSN as well. It's showing over 2000 now.