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Microsoft's ZUNE


New Member
Hi All!
I'm not good in ARM, MIPS programming, but:

I had misfortune to buy M$ ZUNE to listening my music and radio, watching videos and browse network by WiFi. But after i found that firmware is suck (like all other M$ products). That's why start to research this device to make it little better.

So i need help to execute my own code in this device.

What I have for today:

1. The RockBox project - open source replacement firmware for mp3 players (is the target to install to ZUNE).
2. This device use WindowsCE architecture. But firmware signed with SHA1 (nk.bin - eboot.bin (+RSA encryption) - recovery.bin)
3. The firmware of ZUNE looks like Toshiba's Gigabeat S 30 mp3 player's То extract it use XDA-Dev tools.
4. Zune have many leaks (some of them i fount myself) like:
If we playing asf files (created by VLC) after little time player just "cold" reboots without any messages. Maybe we can write "hallo world application" inserted in asf file.

All what needed - is to create "hallo world" Windows CE executable used asf leak. After this we can create simple games for Zune.