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More Plattforms planned for the Future?


New Member
Hey i use Exophase now for a very long time + 2 other aggregator sites.
Im wondering if there are any plans to expans plattforms for Tracking achievements.

Like Final Fantasy XIV // Runescape // Everquest 2 // Guildwars 2 And maybe some Website games like Chess.com :)


I know Final Fantasy XIV was suggested before.

Exophase needs to be able to read the data from somewhere.
Do you know if the other games you mentioned have APIs or public web pages showing player stats?
For instance in the thread I just mentioned somebody linked to their FFXIV character page.


New Member
yes they all have. Lalaachievements for ffxiv can just read it when you link your profil and you proof via a combination of letters thats your charackter.

FFXIV has the so called loadstone https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/38163245/ thats mine as example :)

The other games have it a similiar way.

I know that metagamer support it in the pretty much same way

https://metagamerscore.com/ but they just read the achievemens nothing else.



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Enforcer Team
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We plan to add FFXIV at some point in the near future. Not sure about the others yet, will look into.