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MS:0 Master proof of concept alpha release


Ms Master 2.02 Compact

This is a proof of concept for a project im working on.

The purpose of MS:0 Master is to provide automated access to the ms from my computer in windows machines. So far it adds the menu option to "Restore Utilities" which when clicked copies the contents of c:\utils to Ms:eek:.

Current function:

adds menu item "Restore Utilities" to right click menu on psp drive in my computer.
Clicking this option copies the contents of c:/utils to msroot and over writes.
I use this to set up my memory sticks with basic homebrew. Inside my c:/utils folder is a copy of my MS files for the utilities i find usefull.
You could also make a music folder (just mirror the insides of c:/utils to a MSroot) and use it to update mp3 files.

In future releases it will add the options to:

*backup game saves
*backup browser bookmarks
*assign different folders to restore for different MS
*psp drive lable modification
*psp drive icon
*automated building of MS (after putting together folders before hand)
wha ever else i can figure out

programmed in Qbasic (its not c++ but it works great!)

for installation please see the readme.

This is useful as is ... but will become more and more useful. If you would like to beta test let me know.

see last post for latest version


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beta .01

*supports 3 different cards
*one file install
*backup MS option (backs up to its respective msfolder\backup
*backup gamesaves (backs up to its respective msfolder\gamesaves

Install :
Dl and run msmaster.exe
When prompted input the drive leter of your psp
With usb enabled on your psp run c:\msmaster\bind1.bat

disable and re-enable usb connection.
goto my computer right click"PsP Memory Stick 1"
A. You will see options to bind the memory stick to one of the 3 supported directories
B. You can also backup MS 1 (backs up files to c:\msmaster\ms1\backup)
C. you can also backup gamesaves 1 (backs up gamesave files to c:\msmaster\ms1\gamesaves)
D. You can also restore utilities (this installs what ever is in c:\msmaster\utils to msroot)
E. Bind ms (puts the files needed on the ms to dump backups to the according folder)

To bind an additional Ms connect the psp usb with it inside , and run c:\msmaster\bind2.bat
or c:\msmaster\bind3.bat. Once you bind the ms you can bind it to any of the 3 different supported MS using the menu options. But the first time you must follow these procedures.

ability to combine all 3 ms worth of game saves into one ms.
extended options.
more MS support (more then 3)

This is still way early in development just thought i would put up something to try b4 i goto bed. I will do more work tomorrow on it and type up a proper readme for this as well.


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looks very interesting so far....although i only really have the one MS now cause gave my 32meg one to a friend.....and the main point of this seems to be managing of multiple MS's in relation to psp content....


Ms Master .02 beta

might actually be more usefull then. Ths allows you to save different MS setups , it could make it rather easy to format and reinstall the one you have with different stuff more easily.

Right now im working in the option to restore a ms from a backup,, and cleaning up the menu.

Update : trying to figure out drop down menus before adding restore ms option.

Release .02beta with readme

Memory Stick Master

1. Run ms master .02 it will automatically install all needed files. (install to c:/msmaster)
2. Run config.exe found at c:/msmaster/drivers. This will generate the pc specific
scripts used to power the menu. It will ask you what drive letter your psp is.
Simply answer and press enter. You will notice the folder your in fills up with files.
3. Insert ms (to card reader) or connect psp usb .
4. Run Bind1.bat found at c:/msmaster/drivers. The first time you format a ms you will
need to do this. Once it's bound , you can do this threw the menu options.
this will install a few small files on your psp. the window should disapear rather quickly.

To test if it's installed correctly and functioning goto my computer (with psp usb connected)
Right click on your psp drive , you should see menu options which are explained below.

To use this you must "bind" your memory stick. To do this simply connect your psp
usb with the ms inside and run c:\msmaster\drivers\bind1.bat. This also supports
up to 3 MS. You could also run bind2.bat or bind3.bat from the same location. The
only differance is the folders its bound to (for backing up) and its displayed name
in my computer. Once I have finished designing the menu interface and code, i
plan to rework this system to alow for infinate MS. Currently only 3 different
ones are supported..

Menu options (in my computer)

Restore utilities : Copies the contents of c:/msmaster/utils folder to your ms root.
I use this to install homebrew emulators and music.
Restore Gamesaves from MS x : Copies gamesaves from previous backups from
MS x , to the memory stick currently inserted
Restore all Gamesaves: Restores all gamesaves from all 3 MS backups to the current MS
Backup MSx : Backs up the MS to the specified folder for example Backup MS3 backs up to
Backup Gamesaves MSx: This backs up the gamesaves from the MS to the specified gamesave folder forinstance
c:/msmaster/ms3/gamesaves, if we continue to use ms3 as example.
Bind memory stick x: Allows you to rebind a MS to a different number (say you want to keep a backup safe
bind to ms1 backup then switch to ms2 ... your future backups will not be changed in ms1 folders..)


delete c:/msmaster
delete _mypendrive and autorun.inf and icon.ico from Msroot.

No pic this time... i cheated last time and the picture above reflects this versions functions ;)


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Ms Master 1.0 beta

Pretty sure all the useful options are in. It runs nicely. Takes about 8 seconds to load up the first time on my machine... a small price to pay for the automation provided :p

What you can barley see in the picture is a bunch of options like backing up gamesaves, backing up the ms etc. Readme is included. Let me know if any other options would be usefull.


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Ms Master 2.02b Compact

Heres Version 2.02


* use of .dat files
* compact gui for advanced options
* Desktop icons for easy access
* right click menu in mycomputer for backing up and restoring and dumping to utils folder
* fixed restoring from backup
Simply unzip the installer folder.
Run Ms Master 2.0.exe
(installs app)
Run Desktop.exe
(installs icons)

Run Bind Ms icon from desktop.
enter drive letter
connect ms and bind to 1

disconnect and reconnect psp usb

goto my computer and right click .
options to backup ms etc

on desktop click msmaster icon .
This has advanced options for restoring MS.

Gamesave dumping will be readded in next .

This version will be usefull for restoring your MS after installing the new firmware thats sure to come.
(you have to format your MS b4 upgrading)


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Ms Master 2.02d Compact

This is a fully functional 2.02 version.

*back up ms
*restore ms
*bind ms to one of 3 backups
*template dumping for redundant backups
*Backup Gamesaves
*restore Gamesaves
*utils folder for easy backup / restore
*mycomputer right click options
*Dump Ms to Template dir
*restore MS from Template dir

You must install to Where the installers install to .
Disconect and reconnect psp usb to see changes made to ms binding

run Msmaster2.0.exe
run Desktop.exe
(connect psp usb when you begin)

on your desktop click on Bind MS
follow instructions
Disconect , and reconnect ms when finished

Now goto mycomputer and right click on your psp drive, notice the new menu options

Then click on Ms Master, also on your desktop.
This is the advanced option gui



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Ms Master 2.02e Compact


* Backup seplugins folder (right click menu)
* Restore seplugins option (gui)

Just seemed logical , saves tons of time if you hose up your plugins and need to restore. Why wait for the whole ms to transfer?

see above for more details.

Ps this is really usefull if you have files that dl automatically daily... you can install them to psp with one click (if you dl it to the appropriate folder in c:\msmaster2.0\utils)

Theres no reason this wont work on a non-downgraded psp.... Could be usefull to transfer mp3 or somthing while you wait for a DG.


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Ms Master 2.02f Compact

Ok compiled using FREEbasic now.

~added ability to change install dir
~made it so msbind icon doesnt reconfigure every time
(you can still reconfigure or install more copies of msmaster to your drive by using gui option 1)
source included
enjoy :)


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What needs to be done to remove the remains of previous installs when you move things to a new location? The program won't copy backup the MS contents anymore unless you manually run the backupms batch file (Right clicking on ms drive doesn't work, asks what program to open).


If its a default install your uninstalling

1. disconnect psp
2. close all folders
3. delete c:\msmaster2.0\
4 newer versions include c:\temp delete it also

Just be sure to rebind your ms when done reinstalling , and use the latest version , which i just posted.
To update an installation simple extract the newest version over the old one. And run Install.


Ms Master 2.04bBenchmark ed

Im tired of waiting. Source is included. Here it is :)

Special thanks to Chilly Willy, couldn't have done it with out your help.

UPDATED:7:46pm 04/01
Cleaned up speed test code;
Added educational headers to explain

* back up ms
* restore ms
* bind ms to one of 3 backups
* template dumping for redundant backups
* Backup Gamesaves
* restore Gamesaves
* utils folder for easy backup / restore
* mycomputer right click options
* Dump Ms to Template dir
* restore MS from Template dir
* backup seplugins folder (right click menu)
* restore seplugins option (gui)
* * *new* added ability to change install dir
* * *new* made it so msbind icon doesn't reconfigure every time
* * *NEW* Timestamp on plugin , gamesave and template backups
* * *NEW* Ms Speed test Benchmark in gui options
Code optimizations

Yay Pictures!!
View attachment 2.04b.bmp
View attachment 2.01 copy.bmp
View attachment Benchmark.bmp

Post your Benchmark results here~http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=1196

Updated to b fixed some silly stuff like a forgotten CLS


  • Installer2.04b.rar
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Ms Master 2.04bBenchmark ed

I got impatient and posted it at 11 pm or so last night ,, check above the bugs have been removed. latest stable release is 2.04b


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Tanks XsavioR for this great app!

Keep up!



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MS speedtest

When I run the MS speedtest I'm informed that it's preparing the test files and that it should take about 30 seconds.
I've left it for about 10 minutes now and it still seems to be waiting and it causes noticeable lag on my machine.
I installed to the default locations... any thoughts?


Try running the configuration option from the GUI. then running it again. see if that works and im uploading the test file to sendspace. If configuring doesnt work then i will show ya how to bypass it.


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Well it finally finished on my desktop (in reality it took about 6 minutes), but for results all I get is 1.#INF MB/s or 50 MB/s.
I installed and tried it on my laptop and prepping the files only took about 2 minutes but I still only get 1.#INF or 50 MB/s for results.
I must've done something very wrong here...


Yep you didnt install Ms Master properly ..
Just click the ms master icon, and run option one and rerun the ms speed test
it will only do the test file once.

What kinda computer do you have ? 386 or something ?

The latest version has code to prevent you from getting that far if you havent configured Ms MasteR, the speed test draws its commands from the drivers produced during configuration. What its doing for you means your trying to run the speed test with out installing Ms Master. Which wont work .