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Multiple Accounts


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Hi i have 2 Xbox accounts. Dont ask why the only reason is im just stupid okay :-D One for the GFWL games and one atm for the Windows 10 Store.

So i just wanted to ask is there a way to add 2 Xbox (Microsoft) Accounts to my Profile? Atm its only tracking my Games for Windows Live games but not my Windows 10 Games like Gears of War or Age of Empires Definitive Edition.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
There isn't a way to add multiple accounts currently. The site was designed around having one account per service so this would be a major
change. I wouldn't rule out adding it but it's just not going to be a priority as I don't think the use case is all that common. We'd also have to make sure any "merged" accounts are excluded from the leaderboards, etc (as I think allowing that wouldn't be fair).