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Need help with formatting issue!


Recently my windows decided to stop working, so I decided to reformat my hard drive and start fresh.

The problem that I'm having is that the windows installer disk seems to be incapable of creating a partition for some reason on my Hard Drive. I thought that was strange so I booted into the USB version of Ubuntu, and tried to use gParted.

In gParted I deleted the partition so that there was 1.34 TB of unallocated space, and then formatted it to NTFS.

This still didn't work. Then I decided to try just installing Ubuntu, and Ubuntu also cannot locate my hard drive when I go thru the installation process. But it shows up fine in gParted.

What is going on?

Ok I managed to install Windows 7 on it now, but it has no drivers and the aspect ratio is all messed up. When I put in my PC's recovery disc and try to reformat the C: drive completely it fails and says that it is an unrecognizable format or corrupted


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There isn't much to be wrong besides the hardrive being dead in that case. What happened when Windows stopped working anyways?
Great :/. It just gradually got slower and slower, and then I was having some weird issues where I had to refresh every folder in order for changes to appear, so I decided it was probably time to format.