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New to PSP? Got Questions? Then Look Here First for Answers


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Depends what psp model you have really - phat or slim (lower than TA-088v3 motherboard) you need to switch to CFW. He upgraded you back to OFW.

If you have a 3000 or the newer slims - bad luck your stuck on OFW.

That said, you should have the original UMD?


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Great guide. Maybe the n00bs will shut up about "how do I do this?" and "my PSP did this." and all that. But then again, <sigh> maybe not...


eXo Staff
That's what it was meant for, basic stuff but generally the most asked for.


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I posted my own thread, thought this was to ask questions, seems like it's just a faq topic


I am new to to this and need some guidance, I've read through a few guides for the last hour or so but don't know where to start.

I have the PSP fat version with original firmware version 1.50.

This is what I want to do before I get started:
--Play homebrew emulators (nes) and a backup ISO

I have a couple questions first.


A question before I get started, should I get a pandora battery and magic memory stick created before I try any of this?
I don't have access to someone elses PSP to do it in case things go wrong. It looks like I can do the magic MS thing on the pc and buy an actual pandora battery, am I able to skip this until a potential brick?​

It also must be a Pro-duo and in size terms no smaller than 512mb, cards of 4gb can be used although (in my view only) can be a waste of space. I have 3 or 4 MS, with my regular 'Gaming' stick being 8gb.

1. Does a magic memory stick need to be different than the one I use to play games?

2. When I go to game>triangle>information it doesn't even mention the word magicgate at all on the 256mb MS I use just capacity/used; wouldn't it at least state not supported/unknown if it was fake? I bought it from Wal-Mart.

3. Another guide says "Memory Stick Pro Duo with at least 128MB of space" to create a magic ms , why do I 512+?

4. I know I need another MS to get an ISO onto one. Just curious if I need to buy two if the 256 one I have now cannot be a magic MS and if I need my gaming/magic MS sticks to be separate. What brand should I get? 1-2gb will be plenty, I'll just be deleting ISO after I'm done with it.


I am confused by all the custom firmware; m33, gen-, HEN, CFW, and iso loaders.​

Whats the first step? I understand I need to install a custom firmware, do I do this first? Which one is better? I'm confused.

If CFM is first, then what do I install next?


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Upgrading to 5.50 GEN-D would be the easiest first step to take, and then from there to create a Pandora battery. Follow this guide to learn how to upgrade from 1.50.

After that, follow this guide to create the Pandora battery and memory stick.


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....pls am new here and new in this psp stuf..i have psp 2000 slim wit ofw 3.09,i hackd it to cfw 5.03 den i did the chickhen proceedure sucessful and i checkd my system information 2confirm it,and it was version 5.03 chickHEN R2..BuT stil didnt see gamex i put in Memory stick..pls is it posible to uprade from 5.03 to 5.50 GEN-D3 striaght away? Course datz what a friend is usin and the gamez in the memory are workin fine pls help or what is the best version you will advise me to upgrade to straight