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3DS Nintendo 3DS Coming to US March 27th for $249.99, Europe on 25th


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Dollars are almost worthless these days because of the inflation, so it's not that big a of a deal really.

US inflation has been negligible for about two years now. If the dollar was almost worthless then wouldn't the price be cheaper for the Euro?

This is just typical Euro markup taken up to a huge extreme.


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Shop.to has updated the 3DS price in europe to


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For any one who doesnt know gamestop will do there ds "upgrade" promotion
$50 DSL
$75 DSI
$100 DSIXL


I'll probably get one once a game I'm interested in comes out for it. I also have the theory that the third 5th Gen Pokemon game will support 3D on the 3DS and be playable on the regular DS like those old DX Gameboy games that would have full colour on the Gameboy Colour and still be playable on the OG Game Boy.


Same for me, when they announce a game that is really appealing to me I'll probably get one, but at the moment I feel like I haven't even played with my DS enough (hardly at all really) to warrant getting the new one. Also, I'm too excited about the NGP so I'll be getting that before a 3DS for sure.


I'm actually not sure which one I'd get first. They are both very speaking to me. It might just come down to which one gets a metal gear game first.

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Speaking? Not sure what I ment to type there, whatever iPod...


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I was seriously debating getting one and playing Pokemon White on it but after hearing about how DS games look worse on the 3DS I'm not so tempted anymore. Also I just impulse bought some wooden boards to break with my friends so another impulse buy is probably not a good idea.


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Mine got shipped today, should arrive Friday. Picking up Street Fighter at Midnight because a few friends are picking up their consoles. Should be awesome.