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PSN playtime tracking now supported

Thanks to some changes Sony has made to the API PSN playtime tracking is now live on the site :) We're still in the process of rolling it out and may not show for all games yet. Past hours played on PS4 are counted. PS3 and Vita games are not supported, however.

Please post here if you experience any issues so we can look into it.

Known Issues
For bundled/compilation games, we are unable to see the hours played for each game individually. That means for titles like Uncharted Collection and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, we only have access to the total playtime for the collection itself. Currently, we're showing this playtime on all games in the set, and we're working on a solution so the playtime for these games isn't counted multiple times in the overall total.

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Exophase uses the API available through the new mobile app to track playtime. I heard from other people that Sony records playtime for PS3 games too (it showed up in the yearly email), but it's not available publicly.


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Is it possible to have more detailed statistics?
Time played per day. Or how long a certain game was played on certain days? I miss those things. Like on the 3DS.