[RELEASE] Nand Currency v1.4 (Organizing, files are down :/)

Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew Development' started by angelsniper45, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Well, to start off, i would like to thank Cory1492 for releasing his source code, very useful for learning purposes.

    All this currently does is simply dump the nand onto the memory stick. The nand contains all of the firmware features, in particular the lflash, idstorage, and the flashes. Be VERY careful when messing your nand, if you do the wrong thing, you *COULD* end up bricking, but it is highly unlikely that you will.
    I plan on adding more features in the future. The program dumps the .bin file of the internal NAND storage, which is useful for restoration or development purposes. For more information about the nand flash, go here - http://hitmen.c02.at/files/yapspd/psp_doc/index.html#idx19.4

    To install, just replace the new eboot in your original folder that you got.

    Usage --
    Press [X] to start dumping
    Press [O] to exit

    Cleaned/Optimized code
    Again, added more usability, (you can now press home and exit!)
    If there is an error, it fixes whatever the problem is
    Cleaned up text that is displayed on screen, v1.6 will have extras menu incorporated

    Since 1.4 got removed, I will go straight to 1.5 pre-alpha, its not much of a release, but its still a showcase of what this will and will not do, for those interested.

    Questions? Comments?
    Visit www.angelsniper45.hpage.com and i will try to get back to you when i can!!

    Or just post here and im usually on, gotta love eXo!! :w00t:

    Old screenshot --

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  2. Alex

    Alex Developer

    very nice, +rep
    when you get the restore function up and running maybe we could put this in flash spacer?
    also, i need someone to test dumping act.dat from flash2 to ms, i dont use the ps store so i dont have it. i can read+write to and from flash2 i dont know about act.dat cause i dont have it ;P if you dont mid ofcourse
  3. jx233

    jx233 Guest

    +rep for the good work.
  4. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Thanks guys, plan to see an update in the next week or two.
  5. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    So nobody likes this?
  6. Alex

    Alex Developer

    you got more hits then me, when i released V1 i had like 3 dls
    then X3 did an article for me and thats when everyother site put it up.
    i like it tbh, very handy
  7. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Why exactly would you think that? Just because there are not many comments does not mean people aren't using it. Anyway, I'm curious, is there any difference as to how this dumps the NAND when compared to the program cory1492 made?
  8. jx233

    jx233 Guest

    I don't know. :huh: Maybe all the buzz and excitement over the Easter Exploit distracted people from homebrew releases.

    Well, if you post this on other forums, it will get more attention then and be more widely known. That's what other developers sometimes do, and it works.

    Besides, not many people are online over the weekends and holidays so just wait until the week passes by, and you will get more downloads or comments.

    Also, can this homebrew be ported to 1.50 kernel?
  9. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Yea, I rewrote the code, I just focused more on the actuall udump than usability. Thatz going to be in v1.5. It possiblethat it can.
  10. january39

    january39 eXo Staff

    Your App has been posted on PSP4noobz, so it's reaching the world, angel sniper :wink:

    Well done, Nand currency@PSP4noobz
  11. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Awsome. I was just expecting a bit more since cygwin is the master of givingout crap. I cant tell you how many nights I wastes on trying to install that damn toolcahin. :D
  12. Alex

    Alex Developer

  13. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    is that good or bad? lawl. Im going to release v1.1 later tonight if i have time to, already added some more usabilty, but thats going to have to be kept secret for now.
  14. Alex

    Alex Developer

    its good btw ;)
  15. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Now updated to version 1.2!!
  16. jx233

    jx233 Guest

    Turns out people love the source more than they love the program you made. :biggrin:
  17. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Heh, but you aren't taking the downloads page into account...


    It received 79 downloads over there. eXo's main page receives quite a bit more traffic than the forum, at least double.

    Anyway, nice work on v1.2. Keep it up :)
  18. cory1492

    cory1492 New Member

    alex_e: all one needs to get a valid act.dat is to use the PC based PSN dowloader to get a demo and put it on your PSP - though it's in fact just a tiny bin file which such operations could be verified with any file, a hex editor and m33's usb mount options.

    angelsniper45: I too gave up on cygwin long ago, used VMware linux for a bit until Heimdal made his minwin releases - which I now treasure for the gold they are :)

    I was never able to get raw NAND flashing stable enough for my liking from a 'live' PSP (firmware running from flash instead of MS using known good test code resulted in seemingly random and rare bricks/corruption), but if you'd like a look into any of my flashing source just let me know.
  19. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Wow!! Cory1492! Yeah, do you have source for intrafont? Ive been truying to incoporate it, since the
    Default text wouldnt suit a shell, I have the libraries and what not.

    Ive gotten some very stable dumps, and so far no bricksor bugs have been reported, and yeah, I love using native win commands to compileeboots. I cant tellyou how many nights I wasted trying to installcywgin and the toolchain.
  20. angelsniper45

    angelsniper45 Moderator

    Now updated to v1.4!!!
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