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[RELEASE] Nand Currency v1.4 (Organizing, files are down :/)

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just say me if i'am wrong.

1 - You announce v1.4 and the file is named Nand Currency v1.20.zip.. so 1.4 or 1.2 ?

2 - I test this version but I have a 80020130 error (on slim in 5.02gen and 5.00M33)

so ?

EDIT : ok, i understand, the eboot.pbp under the Nand Currency v1.20.zip is the v1.4 version. Note the v1.2 is not ok.

EDIT 2 : note that your v2 doesn't works and that all site publish it without any test.... QJ, dcemu, exophase. I like all that sites that never test anything before publihsing lol

EDIT 3 : http://www.pspgen.com/nand-currency-v1-4-faites-copie-votre-nand-actualite-186904.html


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It should work maxi, do you have the nand.prx is the folder?

Also, save the eboot onto your computer, then replace the one in the original folder with the new one.


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magixien is right, v1.2 fails to load on a Slim unit. The problem seems to be fixed in v1.4, however.
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