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REST API for Exophase?


New Member
Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if someone knows if there is some kind of REST API for Exophase, so that I can write a little app to parse my Achievement data?

I want to integrate my achievement data into my personal journaling system and would like to know if this is possible with Exophase.

Thanks very much in advance!


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
There are plans to offer that eventually, currently there is not a public API though. If we do, it will be for your data only so sounds like it would fit your use case. As we get closer to launching something I can reach out if you're interested in testing it out.


New Member
Thanks (again) for your reply! That would be really great, I'd be happy to get the chance testing it out! I already feared, that I would have to write connectors to all the achievement APIs in order to get my achievement information. Please contact me when the API is ready to use/try :)


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Any update on this feature?

I have the following use case:
I'm currently fetching the games I've been recently playing using the Steam API endpoint: GetRecentlyPlayedGames. Then I display a list of game covers.

Now that I'm also playing on Switch and Xbox, this list is no longer accurate.
That's why it would be great if Exophase could provide a similar endpoint (including nice game cover images).
I thought of scraping my Exophase profile page, but it's tedious to get nice looking game covers, because the images on the profile page are too small for my use case.

P.S. Thanks a lot for the latest Switch integration; it works like a charm!


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I was personally looking up if there was an API as I wanted to try and write a Windows client-side application that might be able to pick up data that isn't available on public profiles (specifically Epic playtime). I believe Playnite is able to do this so it might not be farfetched for Exophase if a program was running locally.


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oh this is great I would love to have my data into a local grafana dashboard in my home server, would be a neat project.