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Selecting minutes played at added games / Marking games as completed


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Hi, I just discovered this website and I'm really loving it, feels like an amazing tool to register the things I play, thank you very much to the ones who made it possible! I just have a couple of doubts:

- When I add an untracked game, on Hours Played I can't find a simple way of selecting the precise minutes I've played. If I put 10.5, that would be 10 hours 30 minutes, but what if I want to put for example 10 hours 38 minutes? Do I just have to calculate the percentage of 38/60? It would be much easier to just type 10h 38m, but if I try to put it like that I get an error message.

- For the games marked as "completed", I've seen I can manually mark the Switch and untracked games, but the PlayStation ones seem to only show as completed when I get all the trophies. Is there any way to mark as completed the PlayStation games without getting all the achievements? I'd just like to have a log of the games I've beaten (meaning just getting to the end credits), but maybe the "completed" feature is just meant for getting the 100%.

Thank you very much! And congratulations for this great system you've built.


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On the first suggestion, I think splitting the input up into a separate hours and minutes field would make sense. Agreed that it's not that user friendly currently if you want to put in something more specific. I'll make that change soon.

There's not a way to manually mark tracked games as beaten yet, as @Retodon8 pointed out though that feature is being considered.