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Should i get a Nintendo Switch?


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I have an Xbox at the moment but i really want a switch, ive thought anout selling my xbox to get switch but then thought about the games i have. this may sound stupid but can i play my xbox games in my switch? say for example i got crash bandicoot on my xbox (not the disc). would i be able to play it on the switch? Ps. sorry if the grammar is incorrect, my first language isn’t english 😅.
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Sorry, but this isn’t possible. If you bought the game for a console, then you can’t have it for another one unless you buy it again.


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Nintendo Switch has Minecraft, FIFA, witcher lll etc. Basically you could compromise with the great games available in Switch. Breath of the wild, Animal crossing New Horizons ,Smash Ultimate, Pokémon SwSh are great games and you won't regret getting them.
However if you've played Forza then you'll probably be disappointed with Mariokart 8D.

Also to everyone's surprise Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Witcher lll were released for Switch. But Switch WON'T have Cyberpunk 2077.

But before you buy a Switch I recommend that you try some classic Legend of Zelda, Pokémon and Mario games if you liked it's lore and all then you might consider buying switch.

If you have younger sibs then Switch is good

If you're a traveler then Switch is good as it's portable.

If you're expecting perfect resolution and framerates for non native games, then you're in for a big disappointment.

And if you like achievements, then as Antock said, you would no more get the tingling sensation when the achievements popup.

If you like online gaming then Xbox live is better than that of Switch.

Btw, hope this helped and you're grammar is good ;)


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I like the Switch. I HATE that the Switch has no form of achievements/trophies. It is a HUGE missing feature IMO. That being said there are some awesome exclusives on the platform. Plus Mario and Zelda are always fun, then throw in Smash Bros. Now for the cross platform purchasing? No. If you buy a game on Xbox, it does not appear on Switch. Separate stores, and separate payments.


No, you can't get the same game on switch because Nintendo and Microsoft are separate ecosystems. Switch is a pretty great console IMO. I enjoy mine a lot, if you get one also get a pro controller since joycons tend to break down in some cases.