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Steam Achievements removal question



A few years ago, I bought and played the Steam game called "Achievements Clicker" which contains 5.000 achievements.

I unlocked them all but now I would like to know if there any way for me to permanently remove these achievements from my Steam account ?

I used SAM to relock all these achievements but it seems that they still count towards my total number of earned achievements on Steam.

I also permanently deleted the game from my Steam account by going through the Steam support process.

Here on Exophase, however, the counter has been updated correctly and decreased by 5000, which is exactly what I wanted.

(I don't want my total number of earned achievements to be "artificially" inflated). I'd like it to represent "real" achievements.

My issue is that there is now an inconsistency whith the number of achievements displayed on my Steam profile and on my Exophase profile.

Is there any way to fix this? Or should I just unlock all these achievements again (I got them legitimately back in the day) so that the two counters match?

Thanks a lot.

(Also, at the moment, the game reappears on my profile after each scan, but I imagine it will disappear in a few days/weeks)
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I think you have to earn at least one new achievement on Steam after re-locking them (in another game), afterwards the count should update.

However Steam still counts it against your AGC % unfortunately.


Thanks a lot for your answer! I will unlock them again, so it does not ruin my average completion.

I will lock them again the day when Steam no longer counts deleted games in the AGC (if that ever happens one day).

Have a nice day :)
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