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  1. Sachifus

    Steam Achievements removal question

    Hello, A few years ago, I bought and played the Steam game called "Achievements Clicker" which contains 5.000 achievements. I unlocked them all but now I would like to know if there any way for me to permanently remove these achievements from my Steam account ? I used SAM to relock all these...
  2. IntensoFOX

    Steam Profile Awards - Question

    I have seen this section on my Steam profile, I received some awards, see ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/IntensoFOX/awards/ ), but it does not appear on my profile. How to insert this section to complete the profile view? See the example at...
  3. J

    Resident Evil 5

    Anyone interested in boosting the multiplayer on the steam version of RE5? Unfortunately online seems dead these days.
  4. buthigor

    Question about game removed from store

    The Marvel's Avengers game has gone on sale as it will be removed from stores. My question is if I buy will I continue to have achievement activity tracked? Even if the game is no longer available? https://store.steampowered.com/app/997070/Marvels_Avengers__Edio_Definitiva/
  5. P

    Can't link steam account to my profile. pls help

    I can't link my steam profile to my account on exophase. I checked the nickname on steam and everything should work, but it doesnt :\. Pls help.
  6. DavidJ12

    DavidJ - Steam

    Fairly sure it was due to having about 200 achievements on the same day from an achievement server in Team Fortress 2. I've removed all of them today using SAM. Everything else should be good.
  7. sunnycastform

    Steam profile updates

    I'm having issues with my Steam profile updating, I was hoping I could use it to track my progress for Chrono Trigger, I tried re-linking my Steam account but that hasn't seemed to fix it. I am editing to add: I have checked my Steam profile to make sure that my privacy settings are correct and...
  8. YaBoiMoh

    Can't add Steam.

    I've been trying to add my Steam account all day, but it's not working. I put in my account username (YaBoiMoh), select save details, and it says, "Profile does not exist or has privacy enabled, contact support if this is in error." every single time. I double-checked my Steam privacy settings...
  9. M

    Remove Steam flag

    Hello, I previously requested a manual removal from the site for privacy reasons. I would now like to undo that. what should I do? Thank you.
  10. G

    Exophase not reading my Public Steam profile

    Hi admins I have an issue linking my Steam account to this site. I have a profile that seems to have all of the correct privacy settings turned to Public and playtime also made public. Any help with this would be great, thanks.
  11. Tavotabotato

    My Steam profile isn't loading into Exophase while game details are public.

    Been trying to load my Steam profile into Exophase but it keeps saying my account either doesn't exist or my game detail privacy isn't public which my game details have been public before I even mae my Exophase account, the only that isn't the public is my friends list, is there something wrong...
  12. PyroManiac12

    PC Steam account wont link it says "Profile does not exist or has privacy enabled, contact support if this is in error."

    Essentially the title, I am unable to link my steam account despite making everything on my steam profile public. I have refreshed the exophase page and relogged in a couple times, I was told to contact support, what do I do?
  13. makotito

    How does one look for online players on Steam games?

    I'd like to start playing online on my Steam games, but I don't know where to look for players. For Playstation games, there's PSNProfile where you can organize sessions and seek partners, but is there anything similar for Steam? How do Steam players find each other? My Google searches on the...
  14. Prokapustish

    Suggestion : Separation DLC achievements from Main achievements in game cards [ORIGIN/Steam]

    I have a suggestion about separation DLC achievements from Main achievements in game card. For example games for PS4 have separated lists like here - https://www.exophase.com/game/aragami-ps4/trophies/ But for EA Origin and Steam there are not (hovere there is only one achievement for Origin...
  15. A

    Please unlock my Steam Account

    When trying to link it I get the Message "This user requested manual removal from the site for privacy reasons. If you are the original account holder, contact support to remove this flag." That's probally from when I deleted my old Exophase Account. I'm also there AvainTheHylian
  16. hitman2847

    How to to put GameCard On steam profile?

    So has anyone been able to successfully put their GameCard on their steam profile? I tried using Links and nothing Gets shown on the Profile but the link Itself, I also tried downloading the game card and uploading it as an Artwork but that requires me to manually Updating It Everytime I play a...
  17. JoseskVolpe

    Gaming Dead Effect 2 - Who Needs Ammo? Guide

    Chapter 17 - Russian Trail To get this achivement, don't take any ammo box in the map. The best way to do that is to change your weapons to melee, paralizer or magic extension and refill your remaing equipped fire weapons or bows, then, use only melee, magic and paralizer You can get this...
  18. Gamingboy79

    Starwars battlefront steam achievements boosting

    Hi everyone Not sure if im allowed to make a forum about this so apologies if I am not. I just thought since boosting sessions isn't available in exophase yet I would just make a forum to help me. So I need a total on 15 and 11 other people for a couple of the dlc modes for some steam...
  19. Williamfabian

    How Do I Turn Off The Steam Games Auto Update On My PC?

    Hello friends. How can I disable auto-updates on Steam? Whenever I am working PC, Steam auto-updates all my games which eat up the entire bandwidth. This slows my internet to crawling speed. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  20. tyl0413

    PC Achievements on A Way Out with Friend Pass/Remote Play?

    If I play A Way Out with Friend Pass(Origin) or Remote Play (Steam) will I earn achievements? EA Help site says I can't but on my Origin library and profile it does show achievements. Did anyone try and know for sure if I need to buy the game to get achievements?