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Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by chyatt6385, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. chyatt6385

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    I was comparing my stats across tracking sites, and noticed my completion rate is really low on Exophase - 29% compared to about 50% on other sites.

    After looking through my tracked games, I discovered there are some games that are still being tracked but that I don't have in my Steam account anymore. These were f2p games I got that have no achievements, so I removed them around a month ago from my Steam account.

    Would a resync perhaps reset the percentage to be more in line with what it should be?

    Thanks for the service you all provide with this site.
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  2. x3sphere

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    Hmm, I ran a re-sync but it actually brought your completion down a bit.

    Probably the difference is that ours is calculated from total achievements earned divided by the number possible. If I took the average progress of each game, then calculated an average from that then likely it comes out to around 50% or so ( I believe that's how Steam itself calculates the completion rate).

    Edit: Also it's mostly a few games with over 900-1000 achievements that are bringing down your completion rate significantly. Maybe I can exclude those from being counted, that would bring the completion more in line with what Steam is showing without changing the way we calculate it.
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  3. chyatt6385

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    Thanks for the effort; after I posted that I did some more looking at the other sites and realized I was looking at the numbers wrong anyway - average completion (average game completion of all started games), which is what I saw at ~50% vs. absolute completion, which seems to be about half that (~22% or so), and measured as % of unlocked achievements in all started games.

    I guess I should finish what I start, but some of those achievements are skill-based, and I'm not as young as I used to be. ;-)

    No worries, though. I was just a bit confused by what the % stood for and wondered if my deleted games had any bearing on it.
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