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The Exophase Community Thread


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Knocked out the 1000/1000 for the Series X and Xbox One version of Madden NFL 21


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Does anyone here hunt achievements on android google play.Exophase is the only site that tracks it so im wondering if there is any other community for android achievement hunting.


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Ended up just making a Warrior. Haven’t played in a bit because I have been so busy at work. But the time I spent with it was fun. There is so much to do. A bit overwhelming since I want to complete everything.
Yea MMO are so hard especially for completion its...I think the last time I played I picked a panderian (panda) Monk..

I actually been playing League of Maidens 🤩 waifu game


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Hey everyone hope all is well so I heard the rumors of Sony shutting down ps3, the vita, and PSP stores by the summer....I pray we will still have access to our digital games we have purchased 😵