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The Exophase Community Thread


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Hey CT Hope everyone is well...started the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and enjoying it so far...I really like the updates they did to the 1st game


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Just got my new M1 Mac Mini in today. Absolutely loving this thing.
Yeah the M1 Macs are awesome. Performance is incredible for the price. I use an M1 MBP for my main workstation and it isn't too far behind my desktop when compiling code etc.


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I still have my MSI Gaming Laptop. I can play on there if they don't port it over. I also have the game on my Series X as well. Just love me some Mass Effect :p
Mass effect is a amazing series...I just completed the 1st game and got all the achievement (related to the first game) now I started part 2 ( my fav. Of the trilogy)...once I finish the legendary edition I'm thinking of playing Andromeda since I never completed it