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The Exophase Community Thread


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Just picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 on Stadia.


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I have to. It's a big outlet for me. Played football in both high school and college till my knee was tore up. Worked out my whole life. Biggest adjustment for me was not to work out like an athlete anymore and to work out for health.
Dam sorry to hear about your knee...but at least u are trying tonstay healthy...as for me i have gained some weight during this quarantine so i need to start getting into shape


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A lot has changed. I have it on Xbox One and Stadia. Got the Ultimate Edition on Xbox One and regular on Stadia. Preferring Stadia, because I think I need to reapply thermal paste on Xbox One X, it's been running loud on certain games, which it didn't do before.
Thats awesome i def need to check it out