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Time for new console


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Hi guys, first time posting. Loving the place so far.

I've been PC gamer for the last ~30 years (and still am), but I decided to give the Xbox One S a chance 2 years ago and I love it. The gaming rigs I have are fine, the games are generally cheaper on PC, but I miss the Nintendo games charm since after the NES/SNES I skipped them all until the Wii came out. Now I am thinking about getting the switch, the full version not the lite.

Are owners of the switch generally happy with it? I know that Nintendo wants to keep their games on the pricey side, but I am willing to pay full retail for a quality game. How does it look when connected to a good monitor and playing up-close, like for example ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ which is a 4k/IPS, but 60Hz. I am a bit concerned about the resolution. Also, how about battery life when on the go? Can I expect at least 3 hours on full charge for the most demanding games? And finally as someone who likes to carry a back-pack and just throw my stuff in there, how good is the build quality and does it easily scratch (i mean the body, the screen will get a protector).

Or maybe I should just skip it and wait for the PS5. I don't play on TV, but if anything the switch would probably look worse on a 65" TV.


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I love my Switch! When I plug it into my 65" TV the graphics are great. I don't know about a monitor though. As far as battery life I have the V2 of the Switch(which will more than likely be the one you look at purchasing as well) and the battery life is about 5 hrs(I've been playing AC: NH a lot) but I always bring my charger with me. Just buy a case. Don't throw it in your bag! 😮😬

I grabbed the limited edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch and a Skull & Co Gripcase.


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