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Uplay time tracking wrong


I do enjoy Ubisoft games, but come on:


Any ideas what's going on here? Is their API really spitting out that number? It would be great if you could take a quick look, thanks :)


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Yeah it is a Uplay issue, their mobile app is also showing an insane amount of hours played for Champions of Anteria.

I checked some other users and they also had crazy numbers for this game, so I just added an exclusion for it in the scanner.

Do you know many hours you've played this game? I wonder if the value is supposed to be milliseconds or something, instead of hours. 1976060 milliseconds would be about 0.5 hours.


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Yeah, 0.5 hours would be about right for Champions of Anteria, so that's a solid theory. I'll follow up with Ubisoft with my issue and let you know if they say something useful. Thanks for the fix in the meantime, I was really questioning if I needed to cut down on my gaming time there for a minute :)