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Using the PSP as a gamepad


The Doctor
Welcome to another one of my guides!! :D
Done with the help of THIS website!

First, you need:
  • A computer (obviously) with Windows (Won't work with vista!)


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Great guide ;) I recommend all PSP users to try this out at some time, it's a great way to fool around


The Doctor
yeah, and a great way to play too! =D

Instead of buying a lookalike gamepad for the pc you can play with the real deal!


Well-Known Member
Looks neat, but no wifi for me :(


New Member
I cant get this to work i put in as it says in ipconfig and I forwarded 20001 port on my router that it says at the bottom and still doesnt work...:confused1:


The Doctor
no need to forward ports, remove that rule!
and try again, just be sure to have your firewall off and make sure the server is on, and that the IP is correct


New Member
Still doesnt work

Do I have to add my computer whats connected the router or my laptop on wireless
ipconfig added IP Address .......
# set the address of the server...
# note: make sure there are no spaces before or after the = sign


The Doctor
that wiki.conf must have the IP of the computer that is running the WifiServer app :)
as long as the computer or laptop is connected to the wireless router, it will connect to it, remember, this is a LAN connection not a INTERNET connection ;)


The Doctor
put here a screenshot of your IP Data (all of it, hide the mac adresses and DNS data..and etc... xD). send me your wifi.cfg.

and after that, what version are you using of WifiJoy? because I said it above, if you have a high security encription in your WLan you might need to use the 3.40 version.

P.S: Can the PSP actually connect? (to the network I mean)


New Member

Im using 3.40 wifi controller and I dont have any security on wifi

And it says it connects


  • wifi.rar
    181 bytes · Views: 186


The Doctor
well...something seems to be blocking the connection :X
In here, all I have is an antivirus (Avira AntiVir) and it worked perfectly, better check if it does protect or if it blocks the wifi server.

Btw, you are running windows XP right?


The Doctor
OH! Then the game is the problem!

The PSP is comunicating and stuff, but you now have to configure the game to USE this gamepad!

for example, in colin mcrae Rally 2 you have to MANUALLY configure the keys of the gamepad, or else it'll use the keyboard.

These options are usually in the controlls section of the options menu! =)


New Member
i know this is an old thread but i just tried this and its working perfectly lol. except for one thing. On Devil May Cry 3 i cant use the analog to move. the arrow up, left, right, down are for menus and i need some way to use the analog key in order to move left,right etc.. is there any way for me to do that?


New Member
it wont connect to my PC

some info:

PSP Slim Firmware: 3.90 m33-3

i changed the ip in wifi.cfg to mine..not

it didnt work either way...any advice?

SORRY for bump =(