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Using the PSP as a gamepad


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I am confirming that IT DOES work with Windows Vista x86 SP1. And like Billy10 mentioned above, even though I edited the config file to have my actual IP address, which is, it kept trying to connect to so I set my PC IP to that and it's working perfectly fine. I pretty much followed the DarkChild's instructions (big thanks), and the only Vista specific changes I had to do were run the WifiServer as admin, and that's about it. I see it responding within the GamePad CP, and I have tried a game with it, works perfect.



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So my psp's a snes, genesis, PSX, NES, etc player, and now when i dont wanna play on a teeny tiny screen... i can use it as a game pad, for the very same games. this rocks fyi

once upon a time i used this thing for PSP games D: