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Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by Brad, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Brad

    Brad Yoshimi

    I'm a die hard PC only gamer at this time but still own a PS2 and Xbox

    No next gen yet! Well I got a PSP (Phat)

    List your shit guys.
  2. Nevada

    Nevada Member

    1x Sony PS1 (so old pen refil+music player hack works)
    2x Sony PS2 - Matrix infinity (also have one in my car)
    2x Sony PS3 - one 500gb japanese retail, and one 200gb test unit
    2x Xbox - One softhacked and one with an Xecuter 3 CE
    2x Xbox 360 - both dead at the moment.
    1x Sega Megadrive 1
    1x Sega Megadrive 2 + MegaCD2 + 32X
    1x Sega Nomad
    1x Sega Dreamcast
    1x Sega Saturn (Creamy white japanese version)
    1x GP32 FLU
    2x Sony PSP (both phat)
    2x Nintendo DS (both phat)
    1x Nintendo Gamecube
    1x Nintendo 64... somewhere in the loft
    1x Super Nintendo, the only controller i have has a dodgy Dpad :(
    1x Neogeo MVS
    1x Commando arcade cabinet with original capcom jamma
    1x gaming pc = <333
    1x Commodore 64 + 1541 disk drive
    1x Commodore Amiga 600
    1x Acorn Archemedies - Liberated from school ;D
    1x SG1000 MK2
    1x Atari 2600 - Wooden effect version!
    2x Atari Lynx
    1x Sega Gamegear + TV tuner
    1x Amstrad CPC

    I think that's it for me, might be one or two missing but for the most part..
  3. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Xbox 360
    PS3 (Broken)
    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Wii
    Sony PSP
    Nintendo DS Lite
  4. Hardrive

    Hardrive Contributor

    Gameboy Color
    Nintendo 64
    Gameboy Advance SP
    PSP (Phat)
    Xbox 360
    Playstation 3
    Gaming PC
  5. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    PSP Classic
    DS Phat
    Xbox 360 [Gamertag = SmeshX]
    Gameboy Pocket
    SNES <3
    Sega Megadrive 16Bit
    Xbox (Broken)

    My brother has a gaming PC which I use often aswell, but I can't really classify it as mine.
  6. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead


    You made the Post your gaming setups thread wrong.
  7. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    I would take pictures, but I don't have a camera. Surely you guys can be believe me, right? Right? :p
  8. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    I'll populate a post with lots of pictures as soon as I wake up fully.
  9. FreePlay

    FreePlay New Member

    2x PSP Phat (one with a UP chip)
    1x PSP Slim
    1x PSP 3000
    1x PS3 (80GB, USA launch version)
    1x Wii
    1x PS2 (original USA launch version)
    1x Xbox
    1x Xbox 360 Arcade
    1x Nintendo 64
    1x Game Boy
    1x Game Boy Advance
    1x Nintendo DS Lite
    3x PC :) but only one worth gaming on.
  10. Teowulf

    Teowulf <span style=height:2px;cursor:default;"></span>

    Xbox 360
    Xbox Original
    Nintendo DS
  11. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    Three PSPs.
    A DS lite.
    A PS3.
    A decent gaming rig.
    A GBA.
    A GBA SP.
    A GBC.
    A retro GBC (still in black and white, but the outside is colored)

    All I can think of at the moment.
  12. Hardrive

    Hardrive Contributor

    If we're counting non-gaming PC's, I have far more than 1.
    Gaming PC
    Pentium 4 computer I got from my Dad's work
    Pentium 2 + 3 my grandfather gave to me
    Pentium 1 (90 mhz!) from the 90's

    All working and running Linux.
  13. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    Atari 2600
    Microsoft Xbox 360
    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Game&Watch: Greenhouse
    Nintendo Gameboy x2
    Nintendo Gameboy Pocket
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo Wii
    Sega Gamegear
    Sega Megadrive
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum
    Sony PSP-1000
    Sony PSP-2000
    Sony Playstation
    Sony Playstation 2
    Sony Playstation 3

    Antec Fusion HTPC
    Shuttle SX48P2E gaming PC
    Mac Mini
    Fujitsu Laptop
  14. Feather

    Feather New Member

    1x DS Phat + R4
    1x PSP Phat
    1x PC
    1x GameBoy Color at the bottom of a drawer somewhere
  15. Skyline

    Skyline I Bet You Like That

    Gameboy Colour
    Gameboy Advance
    Gameboy SP

    As you can see, I really need an 360.
  16. Sir_Axxewraith

    Sir_Axxewraith cant fux widdit

    PSP Slim
    GB Colour
    Xbox orig.
    Gaming computer.
  17. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Did you turn you xbox orig into an emulation box?
  18. Tsunaii

    Tsunaii eMummeh

    Erm, past consoles either in shed (forgive me) in loft (and again) or sold (hey give me a break) :

    Commadore 64
    Sega Megadrive
    Sega gamegear

    Consoles still in action/somewhere accessable:
    Nintendo DS
    Super Nintendo :D
    Phils PS2
  19. Granite

    Granite Hardcore Prawn

    Overall i have had:

    Gameboy Colour
    Gameboy Advanced
    Gameboy Advanced SP
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo DS Lite
    PSP Slim
    PSP Fat
    Playstation 1
    Playstation 3
    Xbox 360
    Gaming PC
  20. Sir_Axxewraith

    Sir_Axxewraith cant fux widdit

    Never looked into it you know!

    Should do :p

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