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Multi What consoles do you own?


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I owned a lot of stuff back then. But sadly, they broke. I had NES, SNES, SEGA, PS1, Gameboy. But only because it was the only things i knew, after them, i got my first pc... and then, i never moved away from it. As for now, i currently only own 3DS. Reason is Pokemon. I'd also get a Wii U, the reason would be the awesome games from Nintendo (nintendo 3ds at romsworld), and just from respect from my childhood.


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From young age a die hard PlayStation gamer and later on trophyhunter.

Sold and quited everything for focus on my wife , kid , house.

So now sometimes steam , google play and ive bougth myself an Xbox Series S and man i love it i can say i never go back to PlayStation.


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Consoles & Systems I've had & Own still:

Commodore 64/ Amiga 500 + 1541 disk drive
Gameboy Pocket/Gameboy Colour
PlayStation 1
PlayStation 2
Gameboy Advanced
Sony PS3 (60GB Edition) HDD upgraded to 256GB SSD Drive
Sony PSP
Sony PS VIta
Xbox 360s Star Wars Edition 320GB HDD
Gameboy Advanced SP
PlayStation 4 Pro (StarWars Edition) HDD upgraded to 2TB SSD
Xbox One X 1TB HDD
Sega Megadrive
Mini Sega Megadrive
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo 3DS Pikachu Edition
Nintendo Gamecube Purple
Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition
Nintendo Wii U
Mini NES
Mini SNES (Super Nintendo)
Mini PS Classic
Nintendo Switch (Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Edition)
HP ENVY 700 Series Desktop i7 4Ghz, 32GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce1080 8GB GDDR5 Storage: 2TB SSD+2TB SSD+4TB HDD
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Soon upgrade to Surface Pro 7)
HP Envy 15-K Series i7 5500U 2.30-3GHz 16GB DDR3L Nvidia 850M 4GB GDDR3 1TB SSD
PlayStation 5 (Awaiting for Special edition)
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my current collection:

1 - NES
2 - SNES
3 - N64
4 - Wii
5 - Wii U
6 - 3DS
7 - Master System
8 - Mega Drive + Mega CD
9 - Dreamcast
10 - GameGear (2x)
11 - PS1
12 - PS2
13 - PS3
14 - PS4
15 - PSP
16 - Xbox
17 - Xbox 360
18 - Xbox one
19 - Game boy
20 - Game boy Pocket (2x)
21 - Game boy Advanced micro
22 - GameCube
23 - Sega Saturn
24 - Game boy Color
25 - Neo Geo AES (2x)
26 - new 3DS
27 - Switch
28 - NES mini
29 - Famicom mini
30 - SNES Mini
31 - Neo geo Pocket Color
32 - PS Vita
33 - Game Boy Advanced
34 - Game Boy Advanced SP
35 - Playstation Mini
36 - Neo Geo classic jap
37 - Neo Geo Classic EUR
38 - Mega drive mini
39 - Playstation Classic mini
40 - Capcom Home Arcade

All non-handheld consoles are connected to a TV and ready to play.