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What do you do?


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I'm a full-time waitress at Italian-New York themed chain of restaurants. Most of my money I waste/spend either on makeup (my princess mode on) or games(no-life-female mode). I don't live in a country I come from, so I know 2 languages, trying to learn more but I'm soooo lazy. Also I'm a pole dancer since 2013.



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Just wondering what it is y'all do in your everyday lives. Jobs and such. If you feel like sharing lol.

I'm a part time student and i work 2 part time jobs. I'm majoring in accounting (over halfway to my degree, finally). I work once a week doing accounting for a food service company, and I was working childcare once a week. Haven't in a bit due to low volume of children at the place.

So... Yeah. What do you do, exo members? png to ico
Dentist here. I love what I do and enjoy going into work every day.


I'm a Project Manager and Accounts Receivable handler, sometimes Site Superintendent, and Notary Public for a commercial General Construction company.
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