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What phone do you use?



I have an iPhone 6, but eventually I want to try out the Windows Phone.


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i had a windows phone enjoyed it for games hated the Facebook app and marketplace layout and lack off regular updates and features.
so i switched back to iphone (currently have a iphone 5c)
iv also had Android last one was a S3 huge fan of android but the price to replace my screen was 200odd each time vs the iphone's $30 haha
I'm currently use S3 just recently updated to Android KitKat and see no reason to get a new phone.
Although I will get an S4 soon, I herd that S5/S6 were crap due to some of the limitations.


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I have Samsung Galaxy S7~
A great phone for playing mobile games! Im playing the rpg game Dragon Encounter using this phone and its really awesome :)


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I have a white Samsung Galaxy S5.. I just got the Android Marshmallow update 2 days ago. Before this I had an iPhone 5S and I liked it at first... but after a while I hated it. Battery life sucked so I got the GS5


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OnePlus One, 64 GB model. Specs are still really good but would love to have a better camera in my phone, might be upgrading my phone this or next year.


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Currently Rocking the Huawei P9 as of right now


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Playing in the two mobile OS, Windows Phone and Android, Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Microsoft Lumia 532 with Windows 10 Mobile, and Samsung J1 Ace with Android 5 and Samsung A50 with Android 9.


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Damn, this thread is 13 years old! I have an Honor 8X, might change it with a Redmi Note 10 Pro.


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Currently on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Hoping the next iPhone actually adopts USB C instead of Lightning port.