What phone do you use?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Serideth, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    I'm using my trusty Samsung f700 right now, it's a pretty slick phone with:

    -Full touch 3.2″ screen
    -3 megapixel camera
    -Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    -HTML Web Browser for mobile internet
    -Music Player


    It's a great alternative to the iPhone, but it's more a business version than a youtube browsing machine.

    Th screen is big enough for me, but the real bonus is the qwerty pad that slides out, all phones should have these.

    Anyway, what phone you using?
  2. Brad

    Brad Yoshimi

    I got a upstage myself. I only really use it for texting in calling. I hardly ever take advantage of the features.
  3. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    LG Chocolate 3! One of the best music phones from Verizon Wireless (US) in my opinion. It's the first flip chocolate with a large external display, 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo bluetooth, 2MP camera and a FM transmitter:

  4. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Is that circle thing on it a touch wheel like the ipods?
  5. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    It's a mechanical wheel, meaning it rotates when you use it. Unlike the iPods this wheel actually moves (think Samsung MP3 players).
  6. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    I use the good ol' Samsung C300. =D
  7. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Oh that's awesome, I presume it has takes micro SD cards too?
  8. FreePlay

    FreePlay New Member

    Motorola Razr V3m Red. S'good enough for me...

  9. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Indeed it does, currently have a 4gb on it (also it has 1gb internal)
  10. Bossmanuk

    Bossmanuk Contributor

    I've got the Nokia N95 8GB. Pretty good with 5 MP camera, 8GB built in memory, Symbian S60 OS, NGage games, 3G, GPRS Sat nav (which i actually use) and it can view and edit Ms Office documents.

    I hardly ever use the features, but they have proven useful.
  11. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    I got a Blackberry Curve, 8330.


    Love this phone. Beats that old shitty razor I had ten times over.
  12. FreePlay

    FreePlay New Member


    why thanks
  13. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Rofl owned :p

    I never liked the Blackberrys myself tbh.
  14. NeilR

    NeilR eXo Admin Staff Member Enforcer Team

    BlackBerry Pearl - Paid for by my employer (I'm thinking of "losing" it soon to get an upgrade)
  15. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    Blackberry's are too wide. I have dainty hands.

    My current phone is the LG Viewty, kinda like Mike's but minus the physcial keyboard, has an on screen one instead.
  16. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    I like my phone to look like a phone, not a PDA, (except for a slide out qwerty pad).
  17. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    It's a decent phone I suppose. The lag on mine was unbelievable though, and it seperated all more-than-one-page text messages into multiple messages.
  18. Bossmanuk

    Bossmanuk Contributor

    I Like the design of my phone.


    The only time mine lagged was when i hit 4657 messages in my inbox. It did keep telling me i was near my maximum when i went past 3000, but i persevered until I physically couldn't get any more messages on it. Yeah, so 4657 it is ;).

    Still, now that i have deleted all those messages the phone runs a lot quicker!

    Plus, I've dropped it on concrete whilst slightly drunk loads of times and it's been fine.
  19. Serideth

    Serideth Active Member

    Yeah, major problem with mine is if the touch skreen gets scratched in a part it acts up if you touch the scratch.
  20. Robby

    Robby Los Doyers!

    I have the same exact phone.

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