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  1. Slasher

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    This thread is dedicated to promoting where you're from. You can explain things from the culture of your Country, to the specifics of the city you're from. I can understand if some of you are hesitant with posting exactly where you're from, so you can give some information about a major city nearby or something. This could be a great cultural experience learning about all different types of life and different areas around the globe.

    [HIGHLIGHT]Try providing a little more information than just simply the location of where you live. Give some further information about the area, anything exciting nearby? Beautiful scenery? Regular boring town? Try digging a little deeper then just providing a name!
    It doesn't need to be a wikipedia-fest either, tell it like it is straight from you. Try providing pictures!

    So I guess I'll start then.

    Well I'm currently living in residence at Brock University which is a university located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. St. Catharines is a moderate sized Canadian city with a population of 130 000, and a metro population of about 400 000. This city is located literally right next to Niagara Falls, and is a part of the Niagara municipality. Niagara Falls as most of you probably know, is a massive waterfall with more than six million cubic feet of water falling over it every minute in high flow. It is the most powerful waterfall in North America, and a huge tourist destination. Here's a pic of the Canadian side of it:

    Now going back to St. Catharines, I don't really know a whole lot about it, I've never been here before previous to going to University so yeah lol. Some interesting bits from wikipedia: "It lies 51 kilometres (32 mi) south of Toronto across Lake Ontario and is 19 kilometres (12 mi) inland from the international boundary with the United States of America along the Niagara River.", "St. Catharines is situated in an excellent area for commerce and trade since it is conveniently located between Toronto and the United States of America. Manufacturing is the city's dominant industry, as noted by the heraldic motto, "Industry and Liberality".", "St. Catharines had previously appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Donut Capital of the World."". It's not a city I would particularly like to permanently live in, there's quite a bit of poverty, and I like where my actual house is located :)

    Here's some pics of the city itself:
    Kind of a trashy looking backing to the downtown sector

    Downtown itself

    View of Toronto from St. Catharines looking across Lake Ontario on a clear day

    My actual house though is in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. So maybe I'll give some info on that down the road.

    Time to pass the torch...
  2. Seth

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    First put that first image in a spoiler...Or Downside it...

    I from Iraq(Born In the US but I spend my first 3 months there)
  3. Slasher

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    Why does it need to be if the forums scale images automatically? Turns up nice and small for me
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    Sometimes the page won't fully load for me and the image is left unscaled. Best spoiler an image that is that big... any other images can go without a spoiler. :)

    Edit: Seems to of scaled for me this time around.
  5. Abe Froeman

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    Is English your first language? I thought you came to the US in your teens or something. No offense, but you really need to try and improve those writing skills of yours. I fear for you if you get a desk job in the future where you need to communicate by email.

    On topic - I live in Stratford, CT. I have lived in CT for most of my life, but I have also lived in Boston for about five years and Redondo Beach, CA for about three years.
  6. Moose

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    Patti Smith did an amazing song called Redondo Beach. <3

    And Morrissey covered it. =D
  7. Slasher

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    As far as going where I've lived; I was born in Oakville, Ontario, (right beside Burlington) though my parents were living in Burlington at the time. They moved to Milton, Ontario when I was 5, lived there for a few years. Then moved back to Burlington, lived there for six years. Then moved to Kitchener, Ontario for a few years. Now they've moved back to Burlington just this past summer.
    I have family kicking around all over the golden horseshoe area, most are located in either Burlington (My moms side), or Milton (my dads side) though
  8. Sousanator

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    I'm on the other side of Lake Ontario from Slasher, near York University.
  9. mohaas05

    mohaas05 New Member

    Fairfax, Virginia. Second wealthiest county in the nation (not that you could tell anyways...)
  10. Moose

    Moose Meta Moose

    I live in the Gower, Wales. Some nice pictures here.
  11. Nero

    Nero Mmmm...cookies

    I was born in England, lived in bolton all my life. My home country is Burma (Myanmar) i've been there twice and it's a really nice place. I speak 2 languages, English and Gujarati (spoken in india) i dont know how that works out lol.

    My parents speak English, Burmese (only my mums side knows fully), Gujarati and Urdu (i only know abit of urdu).

    Ok Bolton is a boring old town but i would hate to move away into a city or something.

    Some pics of Town centre

    Albert hall at night
    Day time
    Museum/library is just on the left
    The Church in front of the Train and Bus station
    Nice town, they just made a new market place, for those who live in england and have been trafford center it looks a bit like that inside.

    Ok Burma i've only been twice once when i was 3 and another when i was 9 so i can't remember that much about it, its capital city is horrible...Too hot, dirty, sticky, i fell ill cause we had to stay in a hotel for a couple of days.

    Then when i went to my home city Mandalay it's so cool, completely opposite to the capital city i loved it. Our house is amazing too, we have 2 maids which were given to my grandpa by a poor parent sitting next to the mosque to be taken care off (pretty cool i think since they now have a healthy family over there). They take care of my grandma every time she visits. (currently there right now for 4 months)

    Anyway on to Mandalay itself some pics:



    Those pictures closely resembles to what i've seen at the time i visited.

    I also remember going visiting the mosque there, it was beautiful...The place to perform Ablution was outdoor, looked more like a well with fishes inside to "eat" the bacteria that you put in as more freshwater from a pipe kept flowing through.

    Well that's what i can remember when i was 9 years old.
  12. Sullivan

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    I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.
    Moved to Panama City Florida when I was 8.
    Moved to Houston, Texas when I was 12ish.
  13. Slasher

    Slasher Suck It

    Come on guys, provide a little more information than just simply the location of where you live. Give some further information about the area, anything exciting nearby? Beautiful scenery? Regular boring town? Try digging a little deeper then just providing a name!

    It doesn't need to be a wikipedia-fest either, tell it like it is straight from you. Try providing pictures?
  14. Vee

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    Born and raised in London. Half Iranian, Half Liverpudlian (Liverpool). My first language was apparently farsi (Iranian). Though i'm quite confident with both. So i'm not sure what that makes me, a nuclear threat-posessing band member?
  15. NYYFAN

    NYYFAN New Member

    Currently in Virginia but lived in Maryland a majority of my life(15 of the 18 years).
  16. Teowulf

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    Boston, born and raised.
  17. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    I live in Green Valley, California. It's not really a town, just a little suburb. The closest town to us is Fairfield, California, where there's a Jelly Belly factory, and some decent food shops. Past that is Napa, which is wine country. Driving down there is great, the houses are huge and there's a few forested areas. San Francisco is also close by, which is great to go and visit, if only for walking around.

    Over here the economy hasn't really affected us, which means that there aren't many foreclosed run down houses. Keeps the area looking nice.
  18. Darth Budd

    Darth Budd Inna-Gadda-Davida

    Palmdale, California. most boring, bland, and dull place ever.
  19. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    Isn't that area nearly pure desert?
  20. Whisper

    Whisper Logic :(

    A normal day differs upon which part you are in. If you visit the urban areas you will find wolves strolling the streets around 5 p.m. Along with mountains to your left and right. Maintains a good 60F throughout winter, 85F in spring, 120F during summer, and 80F in fall.

    You can visit a lively desert if you drive twenty minutes in any direction. You are guaranteed to find at least one rattle snake if you stay on the trail basking in the sun. I would suggest bringing a gun in case you run into grazing bull or mountain lions. If you do a little looking around you can find old mine carts and tracks leading through caves. Keep looking down cause you may wind up falling a couple hundred feet through a mine shaft. Thousands of them up in the desert.


    Along with mountains come hundreds of caves.
    There are plenty of preserved Indian ruins, not to mention castles.
    Drive up to flagstaff and you will find snow and a beautiful scenery this time of year.
    A little further up north you will run into the grand canyon.

    *Forgive me if there are any over sized pictures, or spelling errors. I did this in a few minutes.

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