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WTF do eXo members look like?

Congrats man :) Time does fly, it is hard to believe I've been running this site for over 6 years now.
I'm pretty sure you have me on FB, Seth

Anyways, I'm 23 now. I think the first time I went to QJ I was about 15 or 16. Hard to believe how long ago that was.
We've all grown up, but I'm pretty sure for many of us gaming is still up there on our priorities :)

Yeah, I'm 24 now and well...still figuring my life out. Started at QJ when I was 15 (or should I say PSPHacker). Those were the days..
Hey welcome to the forums!
Guess I'll bump this for 2014. I got really lazy over the last few years and piled on weight and bad haircuts. Spent the last year trying to fix that, feel free to laugh:
Miss ya buddy how are thing on your end?

Here me and some random baby