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WTF do eXo members look like?


cant fux widdit
The ears you see there are at a 22mm, at their biggest they were 32mm. I have regrets in the sense that I did it to be individual and to stand out, and now every other person has them and I look like everyone else, so in that sense I feel great regret. My current size is 18mm and still shrinking! I have had about 4 jobs over the past year that require me to come into contact with customers on a daily basis and not once has it hindered me from getting a job. If anything it makes an interesting starting point for a conversation.

I don't know if everyone gets asked about it, or because mine are larger than anyone in the local area or just because i look more approachable than the rest of the people that sport them haha.

In short, I don't regret doing it all in all as it's been a fun experience and it hasn't restricted me in any way :}


What does EXO mean?

Please pardon my ignorance, but what does EXO mean??? :huh:


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Few new pics:

Me with some of the players on our football team ( Sun was in my eyes):


Myself and a friend looking after our friends baby:



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My photo ID for Uni


Me with one of the street performers along the Thames.



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Too cute. They grow up fast don't they Abe.

Abe Froeman

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It's insane how fast they do, but it's a fun ride watching her experience new things. Just small things like going to the zoo or aquarium are awesome. Watching her reaction to seeing like a tiger or shark for the first time is the best.


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Not long after Ava was born. 11:24pm, May 15th 2013, 7lbs13oz

Most incredible moment of my life, by far.


4 days old


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Thanks guys. That's awesome Abe lol - my girlfriend especially loves the name, and so did I.

I could share pictures of her all day.


She's my world, I'm looking forward to growing with her.

Abe Froeman

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It's really the best dude. I'll tell you what is 100% accurate is the phrase "Daddy's little girl." She prefers hanging with me and she has me wrapped around her finger.


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How old are you Matt?


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How old are you Matt?

I'm pretty sure you have me on FB, Seth

Anyways, I'm 23 now. I think the first time I went to QJ I was about 15 or 16. Hard to believe how long ago that was.
We've all grown up, but I'm pretty sure for many of us gaming is still up there on our priorities :)