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    Tracking and achievements on Netflix Games

    Do you think tracking is possible in netflix games? And how soon will the game achievements appear?
  2. F

    Cuties mobile/android game

    Hi! What is the secret achievement in the Cutiest game? https://www.exophase.com/game/cuties-android/achievements/ Please help me!
  3. agentfufu

    Celeste Achievments review + badges

    Once again friends,we finished a game with all their achievements , this time its the turn of Celeste. Celeste is a platformer made by Extremely Okay Games and published by Maddy Makes Games, Creators of Tower Fall. Celeste is an indie platformer featuring Madeline's journey up Celeste...
  4. L

    Cuales son los logros mas difíciles de teléfono?

    me gusta coleccionar logros difíciles que nadie tiene o que nadie se atreve a conseguir, por ejemplo todos los logros de color Swich o actualmente intentado conseguir los logros de the walking zombies 2. quisiera saber que juegos me recomiendan para jugar que pueden dar logros muy complicados y...
  5. agentfufu

    Blanc Review + Achievement

    Hello and welcome to another exciting game review and its impressive achievements! I'm thrilled to share with you my latest gaming experience, as I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with my girlfriend by purchasing an amazing indie cooperative game. After hearing about it on a podcast and...
  6. C

    Droid Can't get the "Gravity Home" achievement in King Tongue

    I can't get the Gravity Home achievement in the game and I don't know what to do. It says that I have to play with the home screen but I do that and nothing happens. What should I do? It's the only achievement that I don't have in the game.
  7. Prokapustish

    PC [EA ORIGIN] Final Fantasy XV online achivments?

    Final Fantasy XV online achievements are discontinued for Origin version or it still possible to complete? I know PS4/ Xbox one version are cut off from online (however Xbox one achievement list could be completed because Xbox and WIN10 version shering achievement list, and WIN10 version still...
  8. 76561197992067871

    Where do you search for people for MP google achievements?

    Where do you search for people for MP google achievements? - yeah , pretty simple question, thx for answers. Cheers.
  9. Konsterter

    Watch Dogs 2 don't track the achievements...

    https://www.exophase.com/game/watch_dogs-2-uplay This game no longer has any tracked achievements or challenges. If you feel this is in error, let us know on the forums. What happend?
  10. Hae14

    Droid Nautical Life

    is the Achievement "Trophy Collector" The One Where U Buy The Things(Trophies ~I Guess) on The islands???
  11. Quobbs

    PC Hunting Achievements at Origin

    Hello guys. I'm thinking of activating the gamepass from Origin (Origin acess) to increase my number of achievements on this platform (which currently only has a single apex achievement and the game doesn't even run right on my computer) so... I was looking for quiet games to achieve...
  12. Rain.

    Droid Gravity Marsh - Celebrate! Achievement

    Game called Gravity Marsh has one achievement that seems unobtainable, but what i've seen on the leaderboards many people obtained it. I got past level 1-10 and have almost all achievements, the only one i'm missing is Celebrate! achievement which you can get by winning the game. Though level 11...
  13. MrLaitkei

    Game\Account confirmation.

    Hello ! I would like you to confirm my account, here is the link to my profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/laitkei/ since I was completely legally playing a game called Blazing Bekas, I would like my achievement statistics to be displayed on the site, waiting for your answer.
  14. t-rex91

    Wrong Achievement Picture in House Party. -Social Butterfly

    Hey today I found out that the Achievement Picture of Social Butterfly isn't right (anymore). Here on your site And what it should look like on Steam
  15. Zoelda

    Dream Daddy 100%?

    I've gotten every achievement except 'Escape the Margarita Zone', and every site I've been on tells me it's bugged. However, I've seen that some people on here have unlocked it - can anyone help me? Thanks
  16. A_M_R_Egypt

    PC Origin - BF4 looking for help to do my last 2 achievements

    Blind Bomber 30 In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman King in the North 100 Complete all Final Stand Assignments
  17. couillaman


    Hello im Couillaman i view that website with tag quakelive achievement on google and i add me after 100 percent success im addict to full success track my games I have one server quakelive with no elo all can play with me at this game or other just for fun I want find good friend to play...
  18. thekama69

    Cannot load my achievements

    Hi, I've got a problem with loading my achievements from my xbox live. It just shows all old ones (5 to be exact...)and on my xbox account it shows all of them (only few more, but still none of new ones appear). How can I upload it ? I've tried deleting it and adding it a few times, but nothing...
  19. Sloppydj

    Windows 10 Titles

    Hey there, Just thought I'd leave feedback that a lot of Windows 10 games with Achievements seem to be slipping through the cracks and not getting added to the Windows PC games list. Got a few big titles in there now like Minecraft Story mode, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pinball FX, and Oxenfree...