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Hello im Couillaman

i view that website with tag quakelive achievement on google and i add me after 100 percent success im addict to full success track my games

I have one server quakelive with no elo all can play with me at this game or other just for fun

I want find good friend to play with me :)


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Hey :) My favorite game Quake 3 but Quake live its not bad and i can view and play with some pea pole in my server
And Gunz 2 but no person because yur host for all ...
I want test Quake Champion and Shootmaniastorm later ^^


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Hi, yhea i use HD pack with hight texture but all use shit picmip 5 with more cheat official, Yu know one fps same to quakelive much better ?

Survival Horror

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Yes i prefer multiplayer its more fun with players live, and i can add some friends to play with me after
This is the good part, i did a lot of friends from the only multiplayer game that i like to play(The Last Of Us). From co-op in various games, made some good psn friends too. But i am a single game person, i dont like the competition, i prefer to play alone or to help others in their games.