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Blanc Review + Achievement


Hello and welcome to another exciting game review and its impressive achievements! I'm thrilled to share with you my latest gaming experience, as I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with my girlfriend by purchasing an amazing indie cooperative game. After hearing about it on a podcast and learning that it was now available on Epic Games, complete with achievements, I knew it was the perfect choice.

The game I'm talking about is called Blanc, and it was developed by Casus Ludi and published by the incredible team at Gearbox Publishing, known for their work on titles such as Borderlands. The story follows a wolf and a fawn on their journey through a stunning snowy landscape as they search for their families. The game is beautiful and perfect to play with someone, as you can enjoy it with one controller, two controllers, or even online. The puzzles are impressive, and the game's length is around two hours, depending on your logic and approach.


The Pros:

  1. "One of the main advantages of this game is the stunning minimalist snowy backgrounds that provide a relaxing experience for the player by not overwhelming them with too much information at once."
  2. "Another positive aspect of the game is the level of challenge posed by the puzzles, which are engaging but not frustrating."
  3. "The sound design of the game is truly immersive, as players can hear the sound of wind and animals stepping on snow, creating a calming atmosphere."
  4. "The game's heartwarming story can evoke emotions from players, even the most stoic among us, and is sure to leave a lasting impression."
  5. "The game is not only affordable, but also accessible to players of all skill levels, even those who have never touched a keyboard or controller before."

The Cons:

  1. "The game's short length, around 2 hours, may leave some players wanting more, although it is perfect for what it is."
  2. "Some players may find some of the puzzles repetitive, which can diminish the overall experience of the game."
  3. "One negative aspect of the game is a single achievement that we will talk later"
  4. "Although the black and white style of the game is a great idea, it can become confusing at times, as objects that the black wolf can interact with are marked in black, making it difficult to differentiate them from the rest of the environment for the fawn."

The Achievements:

Blanc features a total of 13 achievements that are relatively easy to obtain and do not require any external guidance or assistance.

However, one particular achievement called [Another Ride] gave me some trouble, as it required playing through the game again, but I had to do it four times and had to seek support from Gearbox and Casus Ludi, as the description of the achievement was poorly written.

In order to obtain the [Another Ride] achievement, players need to complete the entire game using the chapter select feature rather than the 'New Game' option.

I am grateful to the support team at Gearbox and Casus Ludi for their prompt assistance in helping me obtain this achievement.

Where to Find the Game and at What Price:

Epic Games : Available for 14.99$ and is worth 463 Exophase Points
: Available between 11.99$ and 14.99$ and is worth 2366 Exophase Points
Nintendo : Available for 14.99$ and there is no achievements

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Thanks for reading and i wish you a nice day.