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game reviews

  1. agentfufu

    Severed Steel Review + Achievements

    After waiting for months for the developer to fix the achievements, I finally finished Severed Steel and can now write this review. Let's dive into the subject. Severed Steel is a game about Steel, a highly skilled operative who is tasked with taking down a powerful criminal organization. The...
  2. agentfufu

    Jak and Daxter : The precursor Legacy (PS2 RetroAchievements) Review

    Hello to Everybody ! Let's discuss Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - a game you may already be familiar with! ——- I recently signed-up to the website and was delighted to find that it had a RetroAchievement section. Eager to check it out, I decided to try my hand at playing a game...
  3. ihsan

    How many of you played squid game mobile?

    Hi guys I want to know how I can create a game like a squid game for mobile users. The squid game is trending worldwide so I wanted to catch the trend. if you can suggest me developer which can develop a game like this Squid Game Check this out... let me know if anyone can be a game like this

    Game Reviews

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