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Severed Steel Review + Achievements

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After waiting for months for the developer to fix the achievements, I finally finished Severed Steel and can now write this review. Let's dive into the subject.

Severed Steel is a game about Steel, a highly skilled operative who is tasked with taking down a powerful criminal organization. The game doesn't provide much information about the story, but each level or chapter will give you background information to help you understand the story's objective.

The game starts with a tutorial to slowly show you all the movements because there are plenty in this game. These include crouching, sliding, running, wallrunning, and walljumping, which give the game a fast-paced shooter aspect.

I remember the first time I launched the game, with my caffeinated drink on my desk.

Initially, lacking experience, I would spam my keyboard while shooting enemies. The feeling was amazing!

But then the game began playing some drum and bass/breakcore music, and that's when the real fun started.



  • The game does not have many cinematics or dialogues. It is up to you to understand the story if you want to, much like in Half Life or Stalker.
  • The visuals of the game are simple but beautiful and colorful. It is highly likely that it can run on any low-end PC.
  • The music is insanely energetic and fits perfectly with the game. Just listen to this banger.

  • The gameplay is addictive. You jump around to dodge bullets and kill people as fast as you can.
  • The sound design of Severed Steel also makes you feel the weight of guns and the damage they cause.
  • There is a lot of variety in the enemies, from normal enemies to flying enemies and heavy enemies that will force you to adapt to them.


The game can feel repetitive, with its focus on killing everyone, jumping on platforms, and destroying objectives. However, the game is short enough and offers different levels of difficulty and modifiers to keep things fresh and prevent the feeling of redundancy from setting in.

Some achievements are enjoyable to complete, while others can feel like a tedious grind of repeating the same task over and over again.

The Achievements

They are currently 52 achievements in Severed Steel that i will group into different categories

Part One: Campaign.

You will earn a few trophies by completing the entire game, which won't take more than a few hours.

Part Two: Campaign and Miscellaneous.

After completing the game for the first time, you will have access to New Game+, which will grant you all the equipment from the game, as well as a bit more complexity.

After finishing the campaign and earning the Trophy [NEW GAME PLUS], you can now do the Miscellaneous trophies, which require you to complete certain levels in specific ways or with specific equipment in order to win them. It's fun, easy, and shows aspects of the game you wouldn't have paid attention to.

Part Three: Bonus Campaign.

If you liked the game and the campaign, you can try the Bonus Campaign, which consists of a few missions that make up a mini story. It is much harder than the normal campaign!

Part Four : FireFight Mode

Firefight is a mode that allows you to choose the map and modifiers in order to earn EXP, which is only available in that mode. You will need to be at least level 80 in that mode to unlock six Achievements. The length of the game will depend on your skills and decisions. You can ask me on Exophase Discord for some tips if you need so

Part Five : Rogue Steel Runs

Finally, there are the Rogue Steel Runs—eight to ten missions with modifiers applied by both yourself and the game to make them more interesting.

In order to get the last trophy, [KITTED OUT] you will have to:

  • Complete 20 runs for the [20 RUNS]
  • An additional 5 runs to complete the [FRESH]
  • You will also need 32,500,000 total points in these runs.

As explained, it will take around 30 hours to complete the platinum, depending on your skills and decisions.

Below i will Give a list of Exophase Points depending on Each platform and the price of it !

Severed Steel is Available on:

Epic Games: Was available for free for a week , It cost 25$ and is worth 2,465 Exophase Points.
Available between 12,49$ and 25$ and is worth 7,657 Exophase Points , 2$ for Level 5 badge and 7,36$ for the Foil badge.
Available For 20.99 Euros and is worth 49 Exophase Points.
Xbox One:
Available for 25$ and is worth 2,072 Exophase Points.
Playstation 5:
Available for 24,99$ and is worth 1,507 Exophase Points.
Playstation 4:
Available for 24,99$ and is worth 1,030 Exophase Points.
Available for 25$ and there is no achievements

If you're a fan of fast-paced shooters, Severed Steel is definitely worth a look.

I will leave a poll about if somebody is interested in Streaming on Twitch or having this type of formats in videos.
If you liked this review or have feedbacks , let me know in the comments , Thanks for reading !