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  1. S

    Achievements on GoG

    Hello, it's my first post. I recently bought the game Demetrios on Gog and when I loaded the game all the achievements appeared one after the other, that's because I had already completed it on Steam and I didn't delete the saved game from my computer. Now in my Gog profile it says that I have...
  2. E

    Exophase fails to detect achievements in games that are offered for sale as packages on GOG

    I don't know if it's possible to do something, but Exophase can't detect achievements in games that are offered for sale as packages on GOG. A striking example is Blackwell Bundle, which contains 4 games, all with Galaxy achievements, but none of them is present in the Exophase database. But...
  3. E

    Missing GOG games and other possible issues

    Hi, is there a reason why some GOG games that should have the achievements are not present on the site? For example Basement and Fae Tactics. Also, would it be possible to increase the frequency with which Exophase "scans" GOG so that new games are shown faster? Usually you have to wait almost...
  4. TheLoneStryder

    GOG Tracking may be Bugged

    I'm not sure if it's just me or if other people have encountered this, but the achievements earned doesn't always match the actual number of unlocked achievements. For example my Party Hard tracking say I've unlocked 44 achievements, when there are only 26 in the whole game. (Prison Architect...
  5. TVippy

    GOG should be next

    I'm surprised myself, but just found out that GOG has more than 2000 (two thousand) games with achievements. At least, that's how many is shown, when you click the "achievements" feature. But user-made lists of games with achievements are huge too. That's way more than Origin has, I think. I...
  6. KezraPlanes

    PC Game Giveaways Master Thread

    So since it is now so very common for some of the various PC seller platform to give away games with some regularity, I decided it would be a good idea to have a master thread with all these little giveaways whenever they come out. Starting off the thread: GOG is giving away Mount&Blade for...